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Well maybe he's in listening to the JOE PAGS show. That's now he he's got the he's got the information from you is onto something. Yeah listen I think I think anyone who watches? The wave of media has handled this president from day one of him announcing that he was running in June of Twenty fifteen cannot say that they have treated him fairly they have gone out of their way every single step of the way to try and hurt him to try and make sure that they take things out of context to try and make him look bad to trip him up anything that they could do to go against him. They have done yet. To your point he comes out for hours on end to answer every single question that they throw at him because he is probably the most transparent president we have ever had. You might not like his twitter Joe but guess what you know. Everything is president of thinking he puts it all out there Look I like when he just when he leaves them up there because that's what they deserve. They don't deserve his time most of the time. I think that these people are so vicious and they attack him at every turn. They don't deserve to have the president of the United States. Stand up there and take all of their questions when all of their questions are meant to destroy have good for him for getting up and leaving And I think most people can see that I think you are. You know an average person out there and you see the hostile media and the way they attack him Nobody can can fault the president for a forgetting up and leaving a you know whenever they they have gone out of their way every single turn to side with the Democrats to work against him and unfortunately it's been to the detriment of America. These people would rather see the president fail than the America succeed and unfortunately for them. That's never going to happen. This president is working every single day for the American people fighting for US fighting to get job back fighting to get things up and running again in our economy. We will get through this. We'll get to the other side of coronavirus. He has done an incredible job. You know what this is the only president that can do again what he had already done in the first three years in office bring all those jobs back get people back to work get the economy back up and running and I think people will remember that as we towards November one last quick question. Laura Trump senior campaign adviser trump twenty twenty the daughter of the president and and a mother of two young kids at you gotta go see picture on Instagram. The other day it was just classic. It was only one last question. Do you do you see after corona virus subsides and. Hopefully it'll happen sooner than later these rallies come back. Is that something that you're putting on the back burner now? Maybe we could do those rallies again before November. We really have no idea what this virus is going to do. Are you guys ready to gear up and go if you can do those again? Oh absolutely if they said tomorrow you can hold a trump rally. We're ready to go. I think we're really hopeful as we head toward the fall and towards when we really get into full campaign season that were able to get back out there and have these rallies. The president absolutely loves doing them. The people of this country love attending them. And Look we've never had a president like this. We probably never will again. So let's keep our fingers crossed were able to do these rallies is not you know what we have great digital platform. Everything could be virtual. And we're prepared for anything so We'll have to see what happens. I appreciate Laura trump coming on always giving us time in access into access to the actual trump twenty twenty campaign. It's interesting as they watch. What's unfolding with Joe Biden? How they're reacting or not reacting and going from you know in person rallies to digital almost overnight was pretty amazing your thoughts when we come back one eight hundred five zero one seventy eighty joepags.

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