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Welcome tom fours talk. Or we're not really horse. We just like word play. Hello and welcome to horse talk hor. I'm sharon and i'm linda. Welcome to another tidbits of terror episode. All right thank you carry wieder for that tidbits of terror theme song. We are forever indebted to you on this tidbits episode. We have more updates on the new screen movie. We are also going to talk about the most exciting news. At least i've heard all year mindy. Maybe it's the most exciting news you've heard all year as well. We are also going to have a no spoiler discussion on the new. Hbo documentary series. That we've been watching called a murder on middle beach. We've got some clive barker news Some upcoming horror movie news also holiday gifts for horror lovers and much much more mindy. Why don't you start us off with some news on the news screen movie. Alrighty the latest upcoming installment of the scream franchise has recently wrapped filming okay. I say. I'm excited as everyone knows. I'm not down with remakes. A reboots normally but my expectations are on the rise for this thing especially since gale weathers. Herself is reporting that. This movie would have made wes craven proud. That's that threw me. I didn't see that. Common courtney cox posted to her instagram account. A really adorable image of herself with wes. Craven on the set of the original screen film which get ready to feel old. That was twenty five years ago. Jesus anyway she captioned the photo with the following quote. Scream disrupt this all start at twenty five years ago directed by the beloved west craven walking back on the set twenty five years later. I wasn't sure what to expect. What i found was an incredible new cast to uber talented directors. I'm sure west will be so proud. Thank you at kevin williamson for creating this legacy unquote. And i'm not gonna lie. I got a little choked up reading that the first time west. We love you Recently directors and. I apologize in advance. Matt battling how jesus but maddening matt bout. Anneli open there. You go and tyler gillet. Who sharon what did he direct day directed ready or not one of our favorite films of last year. Damn straight They confirmed what we already guessed. But that this scream. Installation is a direct sequel to the original. Film's director tyler. Gillett said quote. There's just so much weight in what those four movies are the fact that there are so many characters that so many people want to know more about want to have more stories told with these characters. There's just a level of love and respect for the world that wes craven and kevin williamson created. He continues so for us. It felt like the only way to do this. Right was to create connectivity and a lot of it is also just what the screen movies are right..

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