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I remember having an operation on him because I remember the doctor saying, well, my mom told me that the doctor said I wouldn't be able to walk again. And what they did was the first time they've ever done it on a human being in the UK was cast a little insurgent in my first and put my own skin inside it from a top half to make my feet grow. Wow. I know. It was pretty amazing. And then they put pins on the top so it straightened my feet out and my toes out a bit more as well so they're not curled or crumpled. I was reading forums about burn survivors and a lot of them say it wasn't the actual pain of what happened. They said the real pain is the recovery and therapy. Yeah. The recovery is the hardest. If you had an operation on my knee, that was hard because then you had to get back into the physio of things you had to get back to moving it sorry as my dog again. You decided that you wanted to help other people? Yeah. And the people like family members because not just as schools related to depression, stage or the mental health, it's them as well. My mom stayed with me. All through my operations and she stayed at my site and that's hard as well. I didn't blame him. I took it out on my adoptive parents, because I noticed how they felt, and I think it was pretty hard for them as well, because they couldn't do anything for me. They couldn't understand it. As well as the frustration, they could see it in their eyes. How did you take it out on them? I used to rebel. Like if I had an operation to do up, I would play up for like a week some weeks..

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