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I'm Tony Jordan four three my Valentine in the morning Hollywood headline Hollywood headlines, you'll what is going up Zane is opening up about his time in one direction, and he isn't holding anything about anything back about his relationship with the other guys in the December issue of British vogue. He said he wasn't friends with the guys while they wonder action. And now he says he has spoken to any of them for a long time to be honest with you. That's just the way it is. There's things that happen and things that were said after I left. He's said snide things small things that I never have expected. See the full interview will be available November ninth and Kelly Ripa has confirmed. She will guest star on Riverdale on the CW. Her husband, Marcus Willis is on the show as well as their son, Michael. So it's now a family affair and a statement from the CW says her character gets caught up in a conspiracy that's much bigger than she initially realized does she's been very vocal about wanting to be on the show. So it's going to be the entire family on the show. Now, you're Hollywood headlines is seven forty nine. It's Valentine in the morning. This is one of four three myfm. We just said this tax cut is very funny. I never heard the term cuffing until my sister explained that people in the freezing part of the country. Like Minnesota say it's important to get cuffed before the storm winter season starts because once that happens. Everybody's in big jackets covering their entire body. Hats beanies, you can't tell a man from a woman. Okay. So if you're trying to find somebody for the storm season starts for copying purposes. There you go. Nothing against the term was your tired of going to all the family gatherings where the go when you get married when you get a fight a girlfriend boyfriend. So you get one of your friends and just kind of pretend that your boyfriend girlfriend for that particular party that type of the time the season, I guess somebody by your side. Yeah. Then January kick into the curve. Happy news next eight six six five four four my battle of the sexes. And the way as well. Eight six six five four four six nine three six of grabs. The battle UCLA versus USC at the Rose Bowl. She say..

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