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The Kremlin also makes an efforts to create and develop content in order to dominant Oland space from the point of your. Gratien production distribution of content. And what about the Russian people? What do they make of these sort of attempts to sort of crimp the internet? Well, the result of anger. The first thing Cronyn tried to do is to thus acute the uses of the social media. So the started actually handing out fines and even prison sentences for some of the stuff that people were posting on the social pages that great the great sense of resentment and allocation, particularly amongst young people and the anger spreading through the same social media, which the Kremlin was trying to control when they tried to block a messenger system called telegram for failing to disclose encrypted information and data to the security services. And they tried to do that. They first of all the inadvertently crashed a lot of the sites which were using IP addresses that were run by Amazon Google and that affected hotels booking systems etcetera people came out on the streets, and we'll also. Demonstration this weekend. When people joined the gain censorship of of the internet, and in terms of of what you would recommend or what you think would work in order to to keep Russia's internet free. Ultimately will domestic fight and the Russians Russian people themselves will fight for to protect the internet because they their reliance much now the big global tech companies can do to help as well to protect the freedom of the internet. Google has service in Russia. Google is a big operate and big provider, the internet Facebook just made an announcement very important one that it will not be storing data in the countries that abuse human rights. Russia relies on Google and YouTube quite laude and so phone for now. At least the balance of power is not all on the Kremlin side. And there is quite lot the Google and Facebook can and should be doing to stand up which would also recognize have that the internet and for now. The internet remains largely free offers a lot of prospects and opportunities for the western gauge with Russian people don't re Russian people, particularly young ones, and the internet are the moment..

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