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Financial aid. Dave Caruso. More records on the market, But where do we go from here? Good morning, Dave. Good morning. Yeah, it's it's kind of soft morning, but you know, we got some pretty decent news just yesterday, and we talked about the NASDAQ and its first records since February, So that's some good news. Smp kind of rallied a little bit Dow down a fraction, So if I look at the range now it's It's nothing exciting, but hopefully we can kind of move on. But there's a lot going on this week. The president's preparing to talk to the nation on Wednesday and we'll see what it looks like and We're going to hear a lot about infrastructure and taxes and $600 billion of we gotta figure out what to do and talking about their taxes. So there's a lot to deal with their also, we've got another big margin call. Remember that big one? Well, Archie goes, it hasn't stopped. It's now 10 billion in losses as you Bs and a murder got sucked into that as well. So this thing continues to lingers and It's probably not helping the market as well. We got some good news and real estate, though the hottest property right now in the U. S. That happens to be a no Idaho And also we got the case Shiller numbers today. They were up 12% in the 20 cities, so there's some pretty good numbers there. Also, we've got the consumer confidence today. We'll see how confident we are, hopefully will come out in a couple of minutes. Also, we've got the Microsoft and Google probably gonna do. Okay. Lift to selling a division a little bit. And this is a barrage again. We've got a lot going on. We've got Tesla Looks like they turned in a mixed review. So not great. But okay, but it seems like they've made a lot of money on Bitcoin as well. G a little bit of a mess. Eli Lilly, a bit of a miss, Uh ADM is missing it and ups and also Gamestop still out there, so we'll see what happens. Give it some time. And maybe it'll grow with the weather. Caruso. Thank you. It's 9 27. Getting your kids out of the house might be hard with so much great stuff on Netflix and to get them a haircut Hard day for everyone involved at Sharkey's. We.

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