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And that goes to the heart of the email server in a momandpop shop that hillary clinton had put up that we now know that foreign intelligence agencies were able to hack into and if i did that i think i'd be in trouble but more importantly once those emails of hers were subpoenaed and she deleted thirty three thousand of them and then she blew out the hard drive by acid washing it with bleach and then had her employees beating up her devices with hammers and i know i don't think i'm making a a not criminalizing a political difference here i'm i'm stating fact i think that if sean hannity did it or professor dershowitz took subpoenaed subpoenaed information like this and you acted that way you would be in criminal trouble well i mean the question is how many of those facts are actually provable beyond a reasonable doubt everyone they're also true why didn't career people the justice department come to that conclusion what happened in the end is that komi announced that there was a serious negligence but it didn't rise to the level where other people in fact have been prosecuted to this they had been republicans also had email servers at home but you know if all your facts are correct about the acid washing and destroying that that deserves being looked into not by a special counsel special counsel but justice department the state department should be able to look into it through narrow expect the inspector general report trying to i'm not trying to whitewash anybody then it gets into the james komi in may of twenty sixteen he and peter struck who we know has a personal vendetta against the president at we know they're the two that were writing the exoneration of hillary and they were writing it before they interviewed her or seventeen other key witnesses and to me that's that's the exact opposite the way investigations post to go we know that he originally one of the original drafts that he used the legal term as it relates to mishandling classified screen carelessness appoint let me give you the headline for today's show.

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