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My normal Monday co host. Alex K Lee Casey Leiden. The producer director cameraman extraordinaire. Run on the scene and soundboard. Of course everyone especially Molly. Mccann loves those air horns and Lauren and Murphy is joining us. I don't know where she is. My squirrels all and there's a dog coming in hot. This is penny. I knew she was going to crash the she did. Warn US ahead of time and we said do not stopper crash whatever interview. She wants penny because any questions for Penny Penny is here to wants. Say That photogenic. And she is definitely one of the most popular parts of my instagram. She's such a goofball she's playing the cameras perfectly. But before we get into the questions Laura I have to ask our you handling Corentin life amid this pandemic down in Houston. I know we were talking a little bit for. You just moved down though not just with down there but you did move from Phoenix to shoot the Houston area. So how's life in quarantine? It honestly really hasn't been bad. I've been really enjoying this time I'm lucky because my aim obviously live with my husband. And he's a black belt in. He coaches me often. He corners in all my fights and so we have a really really. Nice Matt Room with wilmots a bunch of workout equipment so Actually this time I used to really improve some parts of my game that Ah felt needed a lot of work and it's been it's been really a lot of fun. It gives me a lot of confidence to kind of plug up those holes in my game and I'm excited. I hope I get a chance to use them in my next fight so it hasn't been bad and then a lot of the gyms here will open up for lent private sessions Every once in a while we'll get like a small group of three or four fighters together and we'll have a wrestling practice or sparring practice or something like that so it really hasn't been too bad in Texas has not been really hit as hard by the virus has a lot of The rest of the nation especially like New York City where they've just been getting hammered. It just doesn't really look like that here. Luckily and hopefully won't so. Yeah we're in team hasn't been too bad lauren. As we talked to they have young children but you you you. You have a young man. You're right you're raising a young man. I think he's in call it. He's in college now is all right. And he's not in college but he just graduated in. May alker when we moved to Houston moved back to Alaska. So he's he's not now and he was like out he loves Alaska. He grew up there. He loves the weather. He loves the Green. He has a a bunch of our family. Still lives up there so he wanted to back up there and unfortunately he's an adult so I just I couldn't stop him. I couldn't hold onto it so I had a bit. How's it how's he doing? He's doing really well. He's he was working at a At a planet fitness when he moved up there he got a job at planet fitness. And that's all shutdown right now so He's really an integrated kid is well. He's a lot of ways he's my polar opposite which I really appreciate. And so he's actually been loving the quarantine because it's like an introvert stream will like Alex said. We've had a lot of fighters on the show with young kids and they go over. How they they have to have the talk with their kids like Anthony. Smith has like the young daughters. And there'd be like Dad. Why can't I go to my friend's birthday party these anymore? And they're like well. Everyone is sick. I'm sorry so you don't have to have that conversation with an eighteen year old though so he's enjoying it during I I totally understand that and the introverts life. I kind of I kind of appreciate that as well. He's a really good kid. I'm super proud of him. He's doing really well. Casey House Corentin light for you since we last talked you're in California who's actually handled better than most states like every weekend. I ask you this. Every time always rolls his eyes like anything just like. I don't know what days today to date days days. Yeah right now that we have now that if it bills like to forty nine will happen When original forty nine was booked in the more whatever I was like in a happening and of course it ain't happening and never happened but this one feels like it's happening now life feels like there's a there's some sort of something's going on because before it was just one day another day but now there's a there's a a goal somewhat so yeah Casey. How about cats movie? Though is that we're here to talk about. I say I wanNA tell our readers. We got a key. Casey you watched cast over the weekend and set out. Some just thoughts on social media was true some questions and we're GonNa talk about it more. You should all think Lauren that we're not gonNA talk about it because she hadn't seen it so all of you who did not want to hear what the cast movie which. I don't know why you wouldn't want to you can think law and we won't talk about Jose not it either so we don't WanNa spoil it you know it's it's a real is a real all you all spoil live little spoiler okay. So lots of cats in it. Well cats or no cats Casey. Of course we have a lot of questions. I would imagine For Lauren as she's making her debut on the side so for our first for lovely listeners. What is our first question? First question this after all. This is a calculated Casey Sorry sorry sorry my my my oh I will answer. We did on purpose. The cat side low mistake on. We'll fix that. We'll fix it in post. Sorry Guys God. I will answer that question. This is what I am so sorry. I don't know how these I don't even know what these questions are blamed penny. I think penny cats questions. Yeah exactly penny into the cats movie. Yeah can't wait to watch it either. All right here we go here. We go an actual anime quest and Kelly at Camp Game Gang on twitter. Mma has a lot of great characters and some great quotes. What are some of your favorite quotes or call outs? Example Jeremy Stevens. I didn't know we were allowed to turn downfield spell Jeremy Stevens last name. I'm sorry it's a Novi whilst our Lauren. What are some of your favorite quotes? Call outs could be directed at you. It could be your calls of other fighters but what are some call outs. That standout standout in your in your mind nate. Diaz comes to mind right away. He's the man I love. The Diaz is Anna. Yeah the man in all his callouts are just I don't think they're pre scripted. It doesn't seem to me like a pre scripted off the cuffs on the fly in the moment. And that's kind of what makes him so great but because of his call outs you know. He got that really epic fight with Conor McGregor where he submitted connor in that turned into. You know the the next fight with Connor and hopefully trilogy someday He called George Mazda at all in that you know that was awesome gangster. He Ain't no west coast gangster. I love was a connor. One your favorite one. The you've taken everything I've worked for. I've liked that a lot because it was so ballsy but the the B. M. F. Call out was pretty bad ass to think they're pretty equal. Yeah I just. I really liked the way Nate Diaz. I like the way he runs his mouth but like the way he fights. I really like that guy. Yes one hundred percent genuine. And that's I. I'm with you on that Web. Anytime they is on the Mike. You have to listen. Because I think he knows WHO's GONNA call up. Everything he says is off the top set the top. I think it is super genuine. Mazar dolls the same way kind of has that character with it Alex what are your favorite call outs for not just saying. I'm just saying I. A kind of agree with Lauren. Like it's the it's the authenticity that makes the best college so good like they don't have our goal all Alexandra issues. This time. Those Ones Alex. Start over on my back on my back. We can hear you move your face. You're frozen a that's not how you. GonNa keep this freeze frame. Raymond you for a while. I've actually been holding that expression like hear me. You can see we can see now. You're you're bopping freezing. I have some bad into as I've worse Internet It wouldn't be authenticity. Is what makes a call I loved. Espn big piece. Dan So of course. I am not impressed by your performance is my favorite cousin. It's not like it's so insulting. But he the way Dsp is it can kind of come up. He didn't really mean to be and yet somehow that made it worse even more disrespectful and again like Lawrence. It's set up a big fight and continue to view and it just serves Sony purposes. So I love that clip. I could watch that clip a million times and things great great moment Casey. Your favorite call out or quote from 'em. You've been covering this for a long time so what ones stand with you. You've interviewed probably been. I can for more fighter interviews than any other cameraman on the planet. So what are some that stand up? And I've seen a person you know you guys were talking about Nick. I nate is I wanNA talk about nick? Nicosia's my favorite call out was back in the lead acce- don't be scared. Homie no better. It was when he fought caging. We know Cagey Nunes. Had just defeated Yves Edwards in Hawaii. Nick D. as was on the UNDERCARD Maybe three or four and nick had just lost a K. J. a few months. Before so. After nick one he won the bout the bell over. Eve's Nick and nate come to the cage and the nick grabs the Mike and Basically says something because cage as girlfriend was in the cage as girlfriend. His family was in the cage. He says you an engine dreary Wayne assassinate someone. You don't bring your girlfriend with you. And that was at all like yeah that makes sense. And then on a big fight in the cage. So he don't shocking. Yes so I just remember like this is so brilliant the one that the gop one. That's done for me is when he got down on his knees and begged for the rematch. Amac US because he could. That's why I doubt one was so sincere because his English wasn't where it is now so he wanted to say I I'll ask fair and square but he said alas fairly squarely and then he apologized. I'm my English. And so it was like He. He the way his broken English and then immediately apologizing for having broken English even though he just won a fist fight. And he's asking for a rematch. It was so genuine and so sincere. He didn't get the. I don't think you got the remote right away. But that's that is my favorite one because of we're talking about authenticity..

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