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Your team is completely balanced. Two running backs too wide receivers. Where are you leaning. Well i am sat. I am really. I'm gonna spot. I'm not why you're here. I love my team so far which which of those players was the thing that made you said feeling. Actually he went much much earlier So it wasn't like he almost got to me. But i have seen plenty of time to get to this spot and be drafted in a different order. It was cuyler. Keiler is my auto fifth round. Pick okay if he's their fifth. I'm taking him I did that the last mock but he went in the four the four o nine which is honestly a better spot for him. Now i'm here and i can go any direction I'm between deciding on whether or not. I'm willing to pull the trigger on. Hotson here because tj hawks at this is his adp we're right now What draft pick is this. I think this is the five. Oh eight Right but what What is this the fifty five. I think this might be the fifty five. Who cares myers. If the math doesn't check out it was on jason more well at the very least that is his. Adp him being tj hopkinson. I'm gonna. I'm gonna gamble and i think i'm gonna lose. You already. have your tight end. But there's three other teams in team. Eleven does not have tighter or does have their tight. I'm sorry chelsea. So there are two teams so essentially four picks between you and your next one. That could take tj hodkinson away from you. Yeah i still have a lot of belief i know he was very very inconsistent. But when you have a hundred receptions a lot of yards you play for a great quarterback you have a great rapport. You just got paid a bag. I'm still all about tyler. Lockett the season okay. I'm not going to worry too much about his poor stretch of games that Where he didn't score because consistency is an inconsistent metric. So i will take tyler lockett to go with. Julio and allen robinson here and see if hopkinson makes it back breaking news he did not you gambled and you lost you. Get nothing well. I got tired of lock. It's pretty honestly. I assumed i would lose hopkinson there. I'm still even though. I'm bullish on hawks and i think he's going to be the next guy to kind of level up and be a consistent producer. I don't think he's gonna be a kelsey even i'm andrews of two years ago. But i think he's going to be a consistent producer at the position just not willing to spend a fifth on okay after you took title. Lock at cooper cup and then team. Ten breaks your heart with tj hodkinson dak prescott off the board That puts me back on the clock for my turn. Picks i'm sitting with aaron jones to fund digs amari cooper and mark andrews. So i only have the one running back the running backs on the board to be chase. Edmunds melvin gordon. James robinson where he most hurt. I mean nothing. I don't mind chase edmunds right here. I supposed to take the shot but over at the wide receiver position. Deontay johnson. Jomar chase odell beckham portland sutton chase klay pool. This is. this is a tough one here for me. I believe i am locked into. At least one of the steelers wide receivers. I have digs. I have a mark cooper. That has some really high target volume for those two guys. Do i just wanna keep adding on the volume or go at the upside. Pick of chase klay pool. That may perhaps he breaks out. For the sake of brevity. I'm just gonna go with deontay. johnson. I'm gonna lock that in. So i have my three wide receivers here and running backs. Guess edit is getting very scarce. You'd i mean there. Was jason a little bit of hype of gonna throw this on zach moss. My my my take over the running back position for the bills to what. What do you think about that well. Looking at who's available. Melvin gordon might as well james robinson might take over for for his team. Mike davis might take i mean. It's just like davis is the starter and mike davis is my pick. Okay that makes sense The running backs are really thinning. Out here melvin. Gordon went he most went after. Your mike davis pick so. I'm now on the clock and when i'm looking at the running backs i again. I'm not a believer in chase edmunds as a guy. I want to rely on for running back Then it's james robinson davonte williams guys that you know you're really really not sure of the role and when you look at my roster. I've got two running max z. Cam and i've already got three wide receivers so a lot of times. I think fantasy football managers when they're playing the game. They're saying. I gotta go running back here. If they don't like the quarterback tight end they. They're like well. I've already got three wide receivers chur. I've only got two running backs. So i'm in the running extra thinning out so i gotta take one but if i did that i would be taking james robinson type of player over a wide receiver. That i think is much better. Someone like People love demar chase and odell beckham there on the board there upside versus one of those running backs i think is is significantly higher. Are you going down the adp. What's that are you going to dig down. I might dig down I you know i personally. I'm looking at who is left here and there you go robbie so robbie's the guy one robbie. I read you like a book. You read me like a book. Because robbie anderson is much much lower. And it's tempting to play the game right of going. Well you know. That's a long wait. It's a long way. And i don't think i'd get them. I already played in in law and gambled and lost once. So i'm between basically robbie anderson above his adp. But i believe he absolutely belongs here or dallas. Goddard at tight in those are my decision. Okay 'cause after dallas got her then to me it drops down to like tyler higby level guy that will get later but i am a if go back and listen to yesterday's show. I talk a little bit about robbie anderson. I believe that he is a really talented wide receiver on a team. That is offensively up and coming and he had so much volume last one hundred thirty six targets and he's talented. So i am going to add robbie anderson here. I'm adding him six targets. Ninety five receptions almost eleven hundred yards only three touch just didn't get the touchdown that's that's the hopeful change from teddy bridgewater is someone that could get it done in the red zone all right. You took robbie than we saw devante williams the rookie running back out of denver. Jomar chase in other. Rookie t higgins so jomar in t higgins back tobacco that make you feel. Jason makes me feel fine I think that you're calling your shot choosing tamar chase. Because the upside is higher. I still believe t higgins will have a better season this year but has a less likelihood of the massive breakout that you hope for in fantasy. But i do think genuinely t higgins has a better fantasy football season than chase. And it'd be willing to bet that. I'll consider chase edmunds dallas. Goddard's not russ smart wilson. Justin herbert beckham junior. James robinson chase klay pool noah fant so we had a two tight ends. Go off the board. Ronald jones will fuller and juju smith schuster..

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