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Medical conditions, Volkov expects doctors to begin trying the method even before it wins approval from the Food and Drug Administration. Right now, I'm in the moment that the paper is published. Doctors are going to be reading about it than may prescribed the medications off label to their patients. Dr. Laura Raise a psychologist researching medical treatments for meth addiction at U. C. L. A She says. Today's study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, changes the landscape of meth treatment. So far, we have come up empty. So I believe that this finding this clinical trial really is a breakthrough in many ways, because there have been many, many failed trials. This new treatment arrives at a moment when meth overdoses are killing four times more Americans every year. Compared with the decade ago. Matthew Donahue with the Drug Enforcement Administration says the trend is fueled by a pipeline of cheap meth smuggled from Mexico. It's almost like methamphetamines form the sky right now. With the amount that's coming through the borders through boats on planes, Donahue says methods everywhere from the deep south to the Pacific Northwest. He thinks the lack of medical therapies has complicated efforts to curb demand. There's one more reason new treatment approaches to help people quit meth are desperately needed more methods being laced with another deadly drug, the synthetic opioid fentanyl. Last year in the U. S. Meth and Fentanyl together pushed overdose deaths to roughly 82,000 grim new record. Brian Mann NPR news You're listening to all things considered from NPR news. And this is KCRW Owen Larry Peral. Let's speak with in L. A area lawmaker now about today's historic impeachment of President Trump for a second time Congressman Brad Sherman from Sherman Oaks. Has literally been pushing to impeach Trump. For years. It first joined Congressman al Green to introduce an article of impeachment way back in 2017. Last time he and I spoke it was exactly a week ago was he was sheltering in place on Capitol Hill when a deadly pro trump mob tried to take over the U. S Capitol and he joins us now. Hello again, Congressman Good to be with you, Larry. Good to have you, you know, with just days away from the end of Donald Trump's presidency, why did you think it was so important to impeach him today, especially as Angelinos who are facing a massive health and economic crisis from the pandemic that needs to be addressed as well. Clearly we need to address both the economic effects of the pandemic. We passed major legislation. It's clear we're not gonna be able to pass additional legislation for another week or two until we get a Democratic majority in the Senate. Um, we have to do everything possible to get the vaccines out. Today. Congress was not scheduled to even be in session. We reassembled The reason to impeach Donald Trump is first because he committed high crimes and misdemeanors and this is what the Constitution calls on us to do. Second. Hopefully, the Senate will reconvene and remove him from office. But even if they don't act until after January, 20th Impeachment can be used to deny Donald Trump the opportunity to run for office in the future. And given what happened last week. That's more than calls for Gotta ask you what's different this time around. For the last time you impeach Trump. We now have some Republican support. Not as much as as we should have obviously. But 10 members on the Republican side joined us and quite a number of other members, Uh, indicated that the president had acted wrongfully, but they found some reason to vote against these particular articles. My hope is that we're Able to get a conviction in the Senate. I'd have to say that that is an uphill climb, but I think it's our duty to try. You know, fellow Californian House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy of Bakersfield, said the house should have formed a fact finding commission and consider a formal censure of the president instead of the impeachment. What's wrong with that argument in your opinion? Well was a censure of the president accomplishes nothing. It does not remove him from office. It doesn't prevent him from seeking office in the future, and it's something that he would personally laugh off. S o it century only works when the person you're censoring would take it seriously. So it seems to be that he is admitting This president, you deliberately inspired an insurrection in attempt to prevent the official counting of the electoral college ballots. And now I should escape any any accountability at all. What have you heard from your constituents in Southern California about impeaching the president? Anything at all? Well, I think people are disappointed that we didn't do it. Earlier. People are disappointed that removal is unlikely to occur before January, 20th Um people were aghast at what the president did. And the looking forward to 2 January 20th and the end of our four year national nightmare. You know, under as you mentioned right here on this related note, the inauguration is looming. And there are quote armed protests planned for all 50 state capitals, including Sacramento. What would you say to your constituents who are concerned about possible violence on threats on federal buildings in L, A. Or Sacramento? I'd say that our institutions are strong of that. There's now every reason to be prepared on bond. Think we were underprepared last week. We're gonna have to investigate. Why? Because there was plenty of indication that we should have been better prepared. But now we're clearly on notice. And I think that Uh, the biggest focus is going of this group will be on the, uh, the inauguration, uh, on the west steps of the Capitol and I just was talking to a top security official about that focus on some of the details. I will be there and I do believe that there'll be some very angry trump people getting his closest they can All right. Brad Sherman represents California's 13th district in the San Fernando Valley. He's from Sherman Oaks. Congressman. Thanks so much for joining us. We appreciate it be with you. If you have time I've got one other observations. Please. Um This presidency began. The focus on building a wall that we didn't need. On our southern border. And it ended by creating the need. For a wall around the capital, which is there right now. All right, Congressman. Thank you again. Thank you. KCRW sponsors include WHO Lou presenting the original comedy series. Rommie, creator director and star Rami Yusef is joined by Mahershala.

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