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Hey jj and welcome to ask the health expert. But this isn't just any old. Ask the health expert session. This is your bonus session. Yes it's the weekend and because it's the weekend we're gonna take some time with an amazing expert so be on the lookout for these saturday. Ask the health expert bonus sessions where we're going to go deep into an amazing subject with an incredible expert to give you actionable items that you can put in your life so a couple years ago back in the days when we all got together. Remember those awesome days. I was at this really fun. Event that mind body green puts on called revitalize and they put you together with all different people to eat. So you have assigned seating which really saves the introvert of that. I am and i'm sitting. Next this gal serena poon and we started chat and she is beyond just being so darn nice really fascinating. She had an amazing story of perseverance. The innovate warrior daughter. That she went through. That lead her into nutrition and led her to become a culinary alchemist. And she also is a nutritional energy practitioner. Which i'm gonna have her explain what that is. How she fuses. Expertise as a celebrity chef and nutritionist and iraqi master to serve her alias clientele so she founded culinary alchemy. And this is a healing program that combines education integrative and functional nutrition and healing energy and. It's really really cool. Like i've never heard anybody talk about how the right type of diet for your energy body and how to really identify where the blocks might be what you should do about that. So i am super excited plus. There's a big a big sort of surprise validation in this interview as to what you should eat so watch for that. Wait for it. She also founder of serena loves which is a lifestyle brand blog podcast and tv show and has amazing really incredible products that she has sent over to me that i love and just add water a wellness line of super nutrient foods and supplements yes. She is busy busy busy. She's a certified. Nutritionist certified health consultant. And i'm not sure. What a c. h. Ns but she has that as well. I think it's a certified holistic nutritionist. So lot of education and a lot of life experience that has led to creating this really amazing nutritional alchemy brand. She also is going to give a great e book. You're going to want to grab a jj virgin. Dot com slash. Serena annetta spelled s. e. r. e. n. a. serena so jj virgin dot com slash. Serena make sure that you jump over there to to grab her yearbook. She'll tell you more about it in the interview and we will be right.

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