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Potentially expose the public to this farm local health professionals in whom I have the utmost confidence are working very hard to prevent the spread of this virus here in San Antonio and we simply cannot have a screw up like this from our federal partners now the issue here is that this person was released to a mall and she spent two hours in the mall at the food court those movies I think everyone of those those virus movies that's how it is and then he coughs and then you see the particles are going on the air the end of but what is the contagion yes the end of the day which I saw on Friday that was such a stupid thing for me to do before I went to sleep I just popped in I was in bed this was dumb do not do this because at the end of it I had to sit through the entire movie at the end the end of the movie is it shows exactly how Gwyneth Paltrow got it the first places she was patient zero in the nineties you came she flew back to Chicago and if you got off the plane she had sex with her boyfriend and that she was married to Matt Damon and everybody died so for Matt Damon that's the movie I hadn't seen a bro watch it all right here is the weather this sports in the traffic jam this is the world Concho I'm Richard Roeper and this Friday Harrison Ford stars in the latest movie version of the call of the wild very famous story by Jack London from nineteen oh three thank you set in the eighteen nineties conduct gold rush and had the chance just the other night to have a conversation with Mr Ford Ford good to talk to my friend how are you I'm good thank you let's just jump right into it I want to talk to you obviously you know the call of the wild bears and they've been you know ever since hell Roach and Clark Gable and Charlton Heston they've been making movies about this forever what was it about this treatment of the story that drew you to this project yeah I didn't actually see the other generations are book when I was in high school all of us did I found the book to be powerful and and really interesting so I actually get a city boy growing up in Chicago and it's sort of stretched my can my party to that's another story but I didn't see the movies when it came along as a script I read it I felt the it says there was there was a powerful potential and if I knew that it was going to be C. G. R. I knew that the dogs were not going to be available on that day but the one thing I wanted to develop further was the history of John thorn because in the book he sees doing suspects smack it now you know use the machinery of god at work he arrives just in time to save but could we don't know where he comes from his only utility is to attend to the to the box story but I thought it would be more emotionally powerful to develop the context in which each character let the other two is their destiny as it were and so we explored options for her for the story for John Thornton and came up with the character that's that's in the film I thought that that was really interesting exercise for me professionally to get in so involved with this story and to work on keeping a character and I am always.

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