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Guys as the x and any even a little bit larger as the click sort of known say infamous but known for a very different landscape within the sports entertainment business. You guys kind of banded together and sort of changed things I had Adam Cole on the show a few weeks ago and he talked about how annex t is no longer the US versus them mentality. It's US versus US though annexed. He's just constantly trying to top things. That team mentality. Is that something you consciously instilled in the developmental brand or is that something that just kind of happened by accident. I think it's something when I first I started it with an X T. I wanted to make something you have to have that. In order for people to engage in it if they're just there to get somebody someplace else or they're not fully invested. It's going to college. You sort of want to kind of have that Team Spirit in that team pride in your college in your brand and your your all those things and then to have them want to all to participate together. I always find it funny that there were a lot of people in the in in the business. That felt like stuff was anti was me. What's in it for me? Sure you know and the funny thing is when people talk about the click. Lick they talk a lot of times about a group of selfish guys or whatever and the truth is the opposite of that. We all work together for the same reasons because we love to talk about the business and we also car. And that's all we talked about forever but half maybe more than half of the conversation to about other people's stuff and other people's ideas and storylines angles and then we were going and pitching that events or whoever and and trying to move things for it was about the overall product Working getting together and and I think that's been the the biggest thing of trying to instill in these kids down there that this is a team effort. One person's going to be on top of whatever but everybody's everybody's GonNa move around and but you're participating in the success of this success or the failure of it and having that all be bound together by that the pride of the of the that kind of unit the annex t unit so to speak and having that all intertwined and then also having the people that came from there leave their but still feel you like. They're part of it so they'll want to come back and give to it and not just you know go move onto the thing. Goku hope I never have to go back there again. You know you want them to be a part of it into one a contribute attribute so it was a conscious thing that try to bind that together and make it be something more we were all still competitive with one another to but we constantly helped one another at the same time and I think an exceed is is an example that as well. There's still a great deal of competition within it of themselves. Ask what they're all still friends and get along. It's a it's a whole system of one another trying to compete against one another lifting one another other up again is what's the saying that you know. High tide raises all boats or something to that effect. And that's sort of how it is here. That's I do I think and I think deep they all enjoy also you know sort of working for this particular group of people. They know that we are behind. They know that we're pulling for that. We're GONNA courage him. I don't think there's anybody that thinks we have ulterior motives so to speak. It's very much again like we all were much younger. We'd ran through a brick wall on. Fire Vince McMahon. And the WWF. We wanted to make this place the absolute best. I feel like everybody here. It is the same way. There's a loyalty to this brand loyalty to all of the the men and women. That coach here in tire performance center is a whole. Everybody goes together. That is very hard to find especially in this line of work. And that's something that again. Is You know that goes back back to the culture here and of course or the infectious attitude that everyone has once they come here and you get exposed to. It's hard not to water. pull the rope in the same direction as everyone else in that. Goes down to the talent coaches and again I think that makes this product better each and every week you know sometimes people have a tendency. See to draw this line between stuff. Well this is this is raw smackdown all sits in the Senate and WWe umbrella sir. And I used to say a lot. When when we first started the performance center an annex t the visits will be what we want it to be and not everybody's GonNa like everything at all times but you have an opportunity to make it what you want like? In in in our generation there was a lot of things that were horrible about the business people's extracurricular activities and everything else that went along with it in a lot of that has change. But you do it all together and so even though you have the pride of where you're coming from. It's all happening under this. Debbie banner you look at the roster's now in eighty more than eighty percent of of everybody that's on the main roster came out of an X. T. so they still share a lot of that same bond. You still see the the same people hanging out the same people talk in the same people helping each other that we're doing it. Five years ago in Orlando and Sean mentioned the word loyalty in the pride. If in Annex St last time you're on the show in Ballard just returned up shortly thereafter. Kevin Owens comes back for night at takeover seen a lot of an x t talent sort of get to branch out a little bit between evolve and progress over in the UK. How important is it for? Not only those talents but the brands is a whole annexed brand. I think all of that is important in in that this feeder system of what the businesses and people that misunderstood. I think even like when we went to the UK what we're you're trying to accomplish there Because of small thinking or shortsightedness but like yes. Some of these indies. You're going to go away for the ones that are going to go away. The ones that were paying you twenty five bucks when they promised you seventy five bucks the ones that have a ring. That didn't hold up the ones that didn't have medical. They're the ones that it didn't care about you they would just booking you because they were hoping to sell some tickets and you had a little bit of buzz. So they're open to sell some tickets and they could care less what you do when you do it We wanted to work with the ones that were cultured cultivating talent the ones that were encouraging them to become better working with them on Promos or giving them guidance right right or wrong on their matches that had equipment that was functioning that had medical care if you did get injured while you were there that at least you weren't laying mayor for forty five minutes while they were trying to figure out if they could get an ambulance to come or call you an uber. All those things were important and to us and those are the people that we started to partner with and let people people work for and I think he's done just that you know the from what my understanding of what I hear that the system has changed a lot in there's a lot more of them sort of policing releasing it in and the talent being able to police because they're not allowed to go work for the ones that can't do it and those ones eventually don't last and the others do last and for all the right reasons reasons they're they're thriving and the others are union hundred both obviously before arriving in. WWe made the journey through the territories different brands. Different parts of the country. How important do you think it is for an X T? Talent who maybe hasn't had that opportunity. It was just hired from a different world to be able to branch out a little bit and experienced east. These different brands says huge opportunity. But it saved up. I could see where it would be a big challenge when I see the people that make that transition and again I'll go back to the guy that almost always use which is Kurt Angle to watch him go from what he was as you know as a as an amateur wrestler and transition to the wwe. I don't know that anybody did it quite as well as he did. But there've been a number of other people that have made that transition successfully over the years with the help of annex t and I think makes. NFC performed center so much bigger because you see Z.. At number of other people that are able to do that now because of the resources that we have here and quite honestly the coaching staff. And it's hard for need to speak to that. I just know that I'm unbelievably impressed by it. Because this is the one thing I wanted to do and and it's Again all the other people that boyhood or girlhood dream that this is what they look for. I always I still admire that that process to be someone that had a different goal. A different DRI whether it be football or M. A. or whatever the case baby soccer basketball and then for whatever reason to have to transition at and learn how to do our line of work. I've always been particularly impressed with the people that make that transition of making successfully. Because yes I don't know again I I'm a guy that's done the same thing since I was nineteen years old and always you know. Have the utmost respect an ad for admiration Asian for people that had to change their goal so to speak But I think you know. The incarnation of Annex T in the performance center has made that so much more viable and so much. The odds are so much better. Now that you can make that transition smoothly and successfully Ashley is because of the not blowing smoke but because of the system that under and everybody Put in down here. It's pretty damn impress on the thing that's cool about it is is. You're not seeing one style. Come Out of the performance center. You know you have so many different trainers that can do so many different styles you then I have so many different athletes coming in from so many different places that work different styles and do different thing right natural. They're going to gravitate to particular things. Yeah so you know you have Kendo coming. In from Japan teaching people a totally different way and trying to morph into the storytelling that we do. And the camera work and everything else. But you're teaching that and then and then you. You know the other thing that I think people don't mention a lot is the professionalism that's taught at the performance center as well not just the like. How do you maintain your life? So that if you've been in the business for ten years or whatever that is and things don't work out or they do work out but you decide to walk away that you have something to show for it that you know financial financial You Know How do you handle your financial situation of now. We're in the process of training talent to be content creators. And you know different things that they can do that. They can spread themselves out. So it's not so one dimensional and they're just living in the moment of being a twenty five year old kid. That's making some money and traveling travelling around doing this crazy job. And that when they get to be forty they they have something there you know yeah and it will say engine. I know that I'll give us to be in a deputy cheerleader. But you high dare you well but I'm just saying look we're not perfect and I knew we had a false over the years but again that's what that is why you picked up move my family and everything else this place down here. It's why a lot of people WANNA be a part of it again and variety in just from the wrestling standpoint again all the techniques all those things at hundred touchstone. Those are all things that he and I loved about. You know the wrestling business when when we got into where we were kids and that's why we try to bring all of that to other. USA Don't regard show is a is a variety he's not set in any one style so to speak and then this is a place that does we we try to. You know again. We try to also teach the other side of it again having a life the on this line of work we'll being committed to the wwe but still having a life she'll taking care of yourself. She'll having a future thinking past the moment seeking past that wrestlemainia moment thinking past that takeover moment again giving some thought your family all all of those things they really do. Try to accomplish that down here. And that's that's that's hard to beat. It sounds a little bit Tambien. Mama American Apple Pie but it is what this place is built. Talk Down here in this way..

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