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Wbz news radio 1030 the news watch never ask wbz news time nine thirty currently thirty six degrees under mostly sunny skies on this tuesday january ninth in boston good morning i'm josh binswanger's wbz news and here's what's happening lingering questions could the massachusetts marijuana business go up in federal smoke there's a great deal of uncertainty temperatures finally climbing well temperature certainly on the rebound the next several days high near forty today and even warmer later in the week losing something out of this world literally will explain and a classic finish to the college national championship patriots coach bill bellichik said he absolutely intends to be the team's head coach next year and nick sabin with his six championship cannabis may be the next booming industry to hit the united states but legal issues still plagued perspective businesses wbz's carl stephen says according to the us attorney for massachusetts marijuana companies could still be federally prosecuted a lot of time and money have been spent laying the foundation for the marijuana retail industry in massachusetts which is supposed to kick off his summer but now following the lead from washington the us attorney for massachusetts edward lohan says he won't rule out the federal prosecution of statesanctioned marijuana businesses this is acting state senate president harriet chandler these great deal of uncertainty surrounds this marijuana industry is to result of what's come down from washington billing says you will assess each violation of the federal marijuana prohibition on a case by case basis but nobody seems to know what that means girls stevens wbz newsradio 1030 wbz news time nine thirty one we've been following the story this special counsel robert muller's investigative team is planning an interview with president trump about the russia probe i spoke earlier this morning to republican gene hard again and democrat marianne marsh are wbz virtual political roundtable and got their thoughts on a possible interrogation of the president putting it should take place i don't take much is gonna come of it with regard to the president himself i still think people like jared kushner his soninlaw faces so find some problems for not registering as a foreign age and i think there are others uh in in.

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