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Amy? I'm good. Thank you. Can you hear me fine? Okay. All right. So I wanted to make an analogy between Matt Ryan and coach Mark richt for the talks. And I know people may not understand what I'm what I'm mean. When I say this. But any anyone who's a fan of sports in Georgia understands what I'm saying? Because a lot of people defend Matt Ryan. Even though they shouldn't just as a lot of people defended Mark, Rick, even though they shouldn't and get it in this. Because you know, they're on a roll man there classy, they carry themselves except exceptionally. Well, but they couldn't do their job. And that's really what it comes down to and within two years of Mark richt being gone. Covey smart went to a national championship didn't win it. But you know, now number one recruiting. So it was the best thing for Georgia. But fans didn't want to let them go in the fans don't want to let Matt Ryan go and Matt Ryan fan. But you can't let them go. Right. He's now making thirty million dollars a year. There's no letting him go. No, no, no. Oh, I understand that. Yeah. He's not going anywhere. But I mean, nor should you replace him with that's part of the issue. It's team will really hold on Kyle. It's why team to replace their franchise quarterback or repay their franchise quarterbacks. Because the problem is I you have to then find someone else and the falcons where they're gonna find someone else. I mean, go ahead giving telling you you're gonna replace them with. Kirk cousins. He went he went to Minnesota. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I'm saying what they should have done before they before they resigned them. But. So a lot of teams wanted Kirk cousins. What happens if Kirk cousins still takes the guaranteed money in Minnesota? Then what do you do? Oh, no. It's too late now. No, we're stuck with them. Now. I'm just I'm just saying maybe we could've traded him. I don't know. But there's no future in Atlanta with Matt Ryan. And I'm a Matt Ryan fan, and I don't hate him. You know, I like them. And you know, I was at the last two games in a dome. Jared them on NBP, you know, and all that I like them, but there's no future. If we were gonna win the Super Bowl, we would have wanted that year twenty five point lead with the number one offense, and you know, and that's Matt Ryan's fault. That was Matt Ryan. No, no. No. No. No. No. But. You know? I mean, he has to take some responsibility. Tonight. He did he didn't play. Well, he said after the game the game tonight where you know, where we have a first and goal. It's a. At the end of the game. We're making the drive. Okay. We'll get down there. Matt Ryan keeps throwing it out. No one can catch it. I've seen that game. One hundred times people may not talk about it. But throughout Matt Ryan career, I've seen him grow the ball out of balance four times in a row I've seen this one hundred times. So I mean, you know, and. I just don't know. There's there's no future in Atlanta with Matt Ryan, I'm sorry. I I like them and everything, but you don't sound like it. But either way he's not being on. Yeah. No. I got it. I just don't think the I like him thing is you need to keep saying it. The the problem is whatever Kyle you think about their future with Matt Ryan he's there. And so I mean, you're beating a dead horse because he's the quarterback and they're not trading him. And they just resigned him for thirty million dollars a year. He the franchise QB. And while I would agree that he did not play. Well, he also took a couple of sacks that he didn't need to take that before too. I don't believe it's all on him that Ryan doesn't protect Matt Ryan and he was getting hounded especially late in the game. There was so much penetration. By the eagles in the backfield that he was having very little time to do anything. And that's not on Matt. I agree. I agree. It's not it. None of it's completely on him. I agree with that. Well, I'm sure it's frustrating. Like, yeah. I mean, I I don't mean to keep saying it over and over. But I do like them. I'm just I'm fan. I'm in Atlanta fan. I've been watching them this entire career every game. I think most Atlanta fans have yes. They defend they defend him. Now with my analogy, they defend him. When he when he when he also about Mark rebbe, Margaret to one a lot of all games at Georgia. And while I would agree with you that he couldn't win the big one. And that's why they kept running in that same brick wall. It was a great upgrade to get Kirby. Smart where he came from out of Nick savings program, yada, yada, yada. But you know, they win the big game either with Kirby smart. And so you can't look at these things in a vacuum. It's a team sport. So it's never one guy. It's never won coach very often one guy the quarterback or one coach the head coach becomes a scapegoat. And if easy to do that, it's easy. The quarterback always gets way more the credit and always absorbs far more the Blaine then he should. And it's the same thing with the head coach coach can only coach he can't actually get on the field and execute and so I understand the frustration. But there's also a lot of positive that. You're throwing out when you say these two guys, you know, these two guys couldn't get a dinner use that analogy. Thank you Kyle. I appreciate it. We're always here to offer therapy. When fans are frustrated eight five five two one two four two two seven. Well, you can buy me on Twitter Ayla radio. Lots of you weighing in with the games that you're most looking forward to this weekend. I know we could only put four in our poll, but you're responding with a lot of different games because let's face it. We're all psyched to see our teams back on the field and all really excited about some other story lines that will finally get to play out at least in one week encourage you, of course to tap your brakes because one week does not a season. Make Michael says, thanks again for taking me down. I ninety five from Philly to DC tonight after a Nick foles victory. Just like back in January. I mean, there was a little bit of deja vu going on. That's for sure it's after hours with Amy Lawrence. Here's our latest sports update. And here's Jay Berman..

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