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Eleven one make it into the playoff notredame for them to have an argument to get in over a one last conference champions early chances to be undefeated that's it is one of those coverage chairman of one last notre dame that conference championship might tip the favour a wave or the scales away from notre dame so i think that if they soften schedule enough not just to build a win in there but just building some some time a week when they can rest their starters a little bit so they can it be rejuvenated a little bit that will give them a better chance to go undefeated and have a case against the one last conference cia we then you don't have to worry so much about that potentially inevitable trip up which everyone in college football had this year clemson of course ucf the only team that didn't fall to somebody else this year and you don't have to worry about that being the thing that stifles your college football playoff hopes guys whether you like it or not and we turn front many people who do not and fdc team is going to win the title this year not good or bad college football these two will debate after that wining four success is brought to you by north western mutual spend your life living at t playoff play list by your favorite artists take the stage before the college football playoff national championship kicks off secret woman says from bb wreksa shirley poos jason derulo and the chain smokers live from centennial olympic park in atlanta georgia.

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