Greg, Detroiters, Detroit discussed on POLITICO's Off Message - How Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan became unbeatable


Last thing here there's a movie out call detroit and a little controversial have you seen it what do you think of it it was very powerful i mean i i i was here that i mean it was very difficult i was very powerful and you know for detroiters it was a um you know there was our emotional what do you make of the reaction that's been to that movie i have a pay that much attention to it i just know around here the reaction has been a lot of people sharing stories about the way the police department uh treated them in the 1940s fifties and sixties and a lot of conversation about how much better the police department is today with his commitment under chief greg the neighborhood policing so the conversation in detroit is is some painful retailing of old experiences but also i think very good feeling about where the police department is gone and yonder the criticism sort of rooted the kathryn bigelow the a white director sort of white perspective on it that's not the way up to you i you know i i that's that movie stuff i'm not rely at now i reacted to it personally as someone he was here at the time and uh it was very for detroiters who was powerful moment near my tongue duggan earnings techniques for him.

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