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Welcome everyone to the first ever Wichita weekly update where I give you a rundown of the recent local news some fun facts about. Wichita. An upcoming events over the next week today is Monday August third, I'm your host. Landon. To get started here are a few of the top news stories from the past week or so. On Wednesday July twenty ninth majority owner of the Wichita Windsor Lucia Westheimer passed away from Cova complications. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and the Windsor. Family. Thank you for bringing baseball back. To Wichita we look forward to seeing your vision from the life. The. Kobe counts if you haven't seen the Cedric County cove nineteen dashboard, check it out on the link in our show notes it shows the number of cases positive cases in much more. The last few days have shown a rate that has been slowly decreasing as of today the fourteen day rolling average has decreased from a high of thirteen point eight percent to eleven point nine percent positive test rate. Last Thursday the Wichita School. Board approved the purchase of three hundred twenty desktop stations for sports and the enrollment of five high schools in east. Sports Leagues Those High Schools include south-southeast West northwest and education imagine. Most schools in the which area including USD to five nine or the which are schools and over and more are delaying the start of class until September eighth, which is after Labor Day. What school will actually look like still up in the air and changing day to day, but we will continue to monitor updates. In Aerospace News Spirit announced on Friday that they will be laying off and additional four hundred and fifty people as part of an overall cut of eleven. Hundred people issued. This isn't a wake of being the Boeing seven thirty-seven Max in covid nineteen spirit is down to nine thousand person local workforce after beginning twenty twenty with close dead thirteen, thousand, five, hundred people. In the tech job sector Wichita looking to take another step forward and technology key centric is a healthcare software company adding sixteen jobs to their workforce while Johnson controls is planning on hiring three hundred skill positions in wichita including assemblers, material handlers for good operators, steel press operators. And Now for this week's fun fact, maybe for the classic story of the Three Billy goat gruff where they tried across the bridge, there's under the bridge will which ties. It's true true which attends the location of the troll. But if you've never come across it, it is a messy to find the troll loafer a big gray close to the sidewalk on the east side of the Kansas River south of the keeping if you go take a picture tag at Wichita. If you're having trouble. We have a map on our website at Wichita life ICT dot com slash Wichita Dash Tro. And now for the event round up for the next week, we have several fun events. The eighty sixth annual NBC world. Series is taking place from today until next Monday at Wichita state, and also in Hutchison chicken pickle has several musicians playing some live music. We have live music with pats Adam caps, Harrison steel for exact times check out their website chicken and dot com at the starlight drive in there's to double features. There's Kung Fu panda and Madagascar and screen one in ghostbusters and karate kid onscreen to. Bert Kreischer is. A comedian tour stand up tour at the starlight drive in next Monday and Tuesday, and lastly the Saturday, the capital federal amphitheater in handover is having a family movie night. Seven PM, they are showing space jam to Saturday. That's it for this week's Wichita weekly update I hope you'll have a great week. Let me know if you enjoy.

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