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Says that their study show that teenagers who stop using marijuana show a dramatic improvement in memory almost right away we're also doing studies in local high school so we going to high schools and we test kids and we're looking at frequent marijuana users and how they learn and what we find is that if they stop using cannabis which is part of that that paradigm of the study they learn better immediately within a week of stopping and that's been really surprising to us and I think it it it conveys an important public health message as well okay now couple this story but the story we reported here yesterday morning about vaping and now we have to begin to really have a broad discussion about look marijuana has an impact on our kids brains right and let's not deny that I mean we we are what we almost become passe about marijuana it seems well it's medical and it's fine we can smoke in limousines and buses you know well look at that if there's a result that you know right and you know I well we've talked to a lot of drugs treatments of it you know experts say it does lead in many cases to other drugs it can't yeah and and the whole vaping issue that's a whole different issue because you can be vaping any number of things but that's that's a different issue that we're seeing a long disease and issues and then the amount of cannabis use has skyrocketed ya among young people it has a gallery okay let's get up to the roads right now checking with Brian how are things there is getting a little bit if you're in a few spots this reports right by cal fire not so much it'll cause a delay on eighty from Roseville that still nine minutes to the cap cities but another nine on the cap city freeways all it takes to get to downtown thirteen minutes in from elk Grove on I five nine ninety nine it's a forty minute drive started to slow down a little bit from twelfth Avenue wanna die we fifty though even in that case it's in the right lane is getting on the fifty connector ramp itself fifty looks good all the way from fulsome an eighteen minute drive from woodland on I five twenty one minutes sixteen becoming from Davis eastbound I. eighty across the causeway got some slowing though on westbound I. eighty for super commuters heavy at times between Fairfield and the six eighty connector six eighty still looks good all the way across the beach a bridge of respond of heavy traffic in Concord which back the limit before you get to Pleasant Hill maybe staying on I eighty headed into San Francisco seeing a lot more slowing now getting through belay also want to get across the Carquinez bridge that slowing were for joins up in Hercules is a little bit longer and some pockets of more mild stuff often on the rest of the way to the bay bridge catastrophic wildfires have increased in California and continue to strike be ready get set by knowing what to take and where to go if you have to evacuate if wildfire strikes goal early remember ready set go learn more from cal fire it ready for wildfire dot org traffic on the tens every ten minutes mornings.

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