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We have to have a day for every damn thing. Fear. Why wouldn't we do Cosco Brita bowl day? I bet there is a Costco burrito bowl day. There's no Blake day now. Isn't that every day? No, okay. I try don't don't feed him that. There's a couple of headlines that that are stories that are going on right now that we still don't have resolution to necessarily, but a couple of envelopes showed up at a Pentagon mail sorting facility that tested positive for rice, and the FBI has taken them in their testing them again to see if in fact that is rice, and then at Senator Ted Cruz is Houston campaign office a couple of people had to be hospitalized after they were exposed to a white powdery substance that showed up in an envelope. Although the tests determined later, it was not any sort of hazardous substance is still evacuated the entire place just to make sure Senate Democrats want to hear directly from the FBI about the results of its background investigation. Into Brandt Cavanaugh Chuck Schumer saying today, he wants a briefing by the FBI at least twenty four hours before an initial procedural vote on Kavanagh's nomination any idea how public or private? That is I do not have an idea because I'm curious to know, if it's just going to be privy to the people at on the Senate Judiciary committee, or if it will be released to the Senate if it's released to the Senate, and you have one hundred opportunities for leaking. Curious to know how much of that we will see. And if it changes at all what we know about the allegations against judge on. I'm sure we'll hear about all of it at great detail for hearing about how Brett Cavanaugh may. Or may not have thrown ice at somebody in one thousand nine hundred five at a bar in New Haven. I'm sure we'll find out how the vote goes down. And just seems like we're getting more details than we ever have before. In terms of what's going on in an FBI investigation as a. It's happening. Good or bad. I don't think it's good. I don't think so either. All right. So Molly ringwald Ali ringwald was in fourteen thousand movies in the nineteen eighties, which is a lot. She's very busy. She says that in a recent interview, she was watching a breakfast club. Sorry. She's watching sixteen candles with her daughter. And that they now look at this movie through very different lens. Not only she is a mother her daughter didn't get some of the more sexual aspects of sixteen candles. The other one the one that immediately came to mind about watching the movie was was breakfast club. Yeah. And. We watch breakfast club with our kids a couple of years ago. But we watched the TV version of it. How different is that? Well, what did they leave out? Well, pot part. Well, they don't specifically show the pod they just show the smoke in the room, and it comes out so but there was one specific seen in breakfast club. Where bender the bad boy is hiding under the desk. Oh, yeah. And he looks up her skirt. Yes. Molly ringwald said she was watching that scene with her daughter, and she wasn't. It's you don't see it happen. But the implication is that he touches her or something under the skirt whatever because she met like. Yeah. That's right. That's right. So that part of it was not in the movie. TV movie TV version of it is a much more. Prudish look about what's going on. This was nineteen Eighty-four. This was around the same time that Brad Kavanagh was maybe taking what he wanted the way Judd Judd Nelson. The actress name was was taking what he wanted from his. His female colleague their classmate. Well, I mean, she is that is that saying that in nineteen Eighty-four that was kind of okay to go and reach under a girl's skirt and in detention. I would say it this way. Culture changes constantly. Yes, it may not be as fast as people wanted to be, but culture changes constantly. So if for example, she wrote an essay back at the New Yorker back at April where she used sort of the hashtag knee to lens to look back at some of the movies that she was in as what I'm talking about. We're applying culture today retroactively, right? And I think that's where people are getting into trouble in some cases movies in the forties and fifties where could slap their wife around or something because she's being hysterical. You need a good smack on the side of the face. It's a very and looking at it today. You know, using our lens today movies like that in the fifties, totally not acceptable. But more of a reflection of what was going on the culture at the time. Right. So it's almost I get. I mean, she's saying listen at the time. She was fifteen sixteen seventeen years old and probably had to basically leave it up to John Hughes to determine whether something was appropriate or not and she talks about specifically in sixteen candles were Caroline her. Character gets blackout drunk and sleeps with a nerd sorry. That the character Caroline, not her character. But the character sleeps with Anthony Michael hall, and then when Jake the heartthrob in the movie says that he could violator ten ten different ways if he wanted to because she was passed out. I'll I forgot that line. So I mean, there's a there's well the thing is is when those were written they weren't trying to be like funny. Or ironic or dirty? It was just like a matter of fact. Yeah. Kind of just a something you said like if you said, I have a new car, and I could violate her ten times in ten different ways. K probably would've, okay? All right. Is it? Okay. I mean, it's clearly, okay. For her to do this. And to have this attitude about it. And know that when she says something to her daughter. I mean right perfect teaching moment for her to tell her daughter. Listen these were made back at a time when that was okay to laugh about and it wasn't taken very seriously. But it could very seriously impact someone's life. She said that she experienced a slew of harassment offscreen. From plenty of Harvey's. I think was the words that she shows the the phrase the interests of Harvey's, but not Harvey Weinstein. She said she never had a run in with him. But there were plenty of producers who use that same tactic on her sixteen candles the breakfast club pretty in pink. Those are her big three's trait. That trio. Yeah. All right coming up next. We will get you caught up on everything everyone's talking about an we'll tell you how you can win bucks. Oh, if it into the definitively account, aren't we right? Which is a problem because we have to order more t-shirts. Did you get on that yet? Excellent point. Nope. Could not do that. Let's do that. Right. Gary channel will continue right after this. Tomasz Angeles, Orange County radio station countdown to cavenaugh vote..

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