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Us supreme court says it's okay for states to clean house when it comes to purging the names of inactive voters from voter rolls the justices ruling in a narrow five four decision that ohio's practice is legal abc supreme court contributor kate shaw walks us through this ruling five four decision the conservative justices sided with ohio finding that its practices were lawful and the four liberal justices descending essentially arguing that ohio is violating federal law and in particular justice sotomayor arguing that this practice will have serious adverse effects on low income and minority voters who the federal government has tried to protect in making it hard for states to drop people from wbz news time five twenty one a federal appeals court could be about to put nebraska county very close to bankruptcy the court is upholding twenty eight million dollar judgment awarded to six people wrongfully convicted of murder in one of the nation's largest ever false confession cases the socalled beatrice six were convicted in the nineteen eightyfive rape and killing of a sixty eight year old woman they spent several years in prison before dna evidence cleared them all a decade ago he was the talk of the tonys end twitter last night and today actor robert deniro appearing in canada is not backing down after a verbal assault on president trump on broadway's big nights exciting project after a short greeting and thank you to his business partners really really terrific people robert deniro's comments quickly turned political it's a disgrace apologized for what he calls the idiotic behavior of his president also apologizing to prime minister justin trudeau who has been openly criticized by donald trump on social media other people the g seven it's disgusting justin love for cbs news toronto singapore some watershed moment as the world watches the us had north korea some of the white house says talks with north korea are moving more quickly than expected this is truly emission of people transpire in this historic meeting kim jong un is leaving very far forward waking news traffic and weather together wbz newsradio ten thirty wbz news time five twenty three we check traffic and weather together.

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