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News breaks the bay area has its first confirmed case of coronavirus when national news breaks for the first time in more than fifty years Americans are being medically quarantine when global news breaks it is just a matter of time before it really does spread around the world and cause outbreaks robin world he was first on KCBS all news all the time on KCBS case CBS news time two fifty Oakland police arrested a third suspect in the death of a man who was killed as he tried to get back his laptop which was stolen while he was at a coffee shop twenty two year old Brian reed junior of San Francisco and twenty one year old Shavon Lee were previously arrested and charged for their roles in the death of thirty four year old Giles saying court records indicate the third suspect has not yet been charged Xang was working on his laptop at the Starbucks in Montclair on the morning of new year's eve surveillance video shows two men snatching the laptop and fleeing into cars saying was chasing the suspects when they hit him with the car he died from his injuries new warnings are going out about a chemical used in World War one as an explosive that summer using now is a diet drug KCBS is Rebecca Corrales's another death was reported just before Christmas the chemical is known as D. N. P. stands for two four nine Niger phenolic Jessica Walker is a science writer who wrote an in depth article about D. M. P. for the daily beast an explosive the FDA has ruled it not safe for human consumption but it causes weight loss it burns fat in a very dramatic way shifting your metabolism into high gear it's toxic to the liver heart and muscles and they can kill when it does rigor mortis sets in immediately why isn't it outlawed because it can be used as a fertilizer pesticide or die sell this chemical it's like a yellow powder and they'll put it into capsules and you can go online and find an internet pharmacy or just any old strange little website selling the NPT also specials caution if you're inclined to buy a diet drug online check carefully to see what it is that you're really buying Rebecca chorale KCBS the San Francisco brewery is helping people adopt older dogs from might feel senior dog rescue after seeing their faces on beer cans KCBS is Kerry who dissect reports seven still brewery is releasing a new adopted can series and that includes the basis of twelve different older dogs available for adoption at month bill senior dog rescue brewery co founder Tim over ESP fans for extra special better and we're calling it next year special music good boy Mudville sherry Franklin says they're hoping beer lovers will be inspired to adopt an older dog once they see it's cute based on the label reaching a whole different audience you know I mean somebody's having a beer with their friends and there's a picture of a cute dog or handsome dog and then they start thinking Hey your how about having a dog in my life the goal is to find homes for dogs who are often passed over for puppies there's simply not put up for adoption just because they're older not because they have problems so we've changed that narrative into these dogs have so much love and life was to give the beer cans launch February ninth month bill says all adoptions will be free for the month of February in San Francisco Carrie had a sack KCBS.

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