California, John Cox, Climate Change discussed on Dr. Drew Midday Live with Mike Catherwood


Which which people dow do you pick out to tell them they can't lived here of you i i don't know if i want to do that uh and and frankly uh i don't think we should do that i think we can do the smart i think we can do it with best practices i think we need to get the influence of special specialinterest money out of the picture and get some decent managers uh in our political office it and i think than we can deal with that uh mike i i mean i really do you know there's other countries obviously first uh there's no other states largest california but there are all these countries are the largest california and uh and they seem to be able to manage without having the horrendous fires or frankly the huge cost of living by housing the water electricity gas like california if the plan i mean it's just kinda chang if you do not hang the right right here a lot of a vitally round the forwards gubernatorial candidate john cox are you getting any blow back just based off the fact that you're in essence denying a certain aspect of climate change which it seems like you can't have even a reasonable conversation about climate change without some one on either side attacking you are getting that kind of disproportional well away my you know with all respect what am i tonight i'm not denying requires a little different weather pattern airolo at california drought and wet grow hundreds of your hip wiggle he's not not yeah it's that it's not new going on right now in terms of droughts and and and and the winter weather we had last year was an absolute uh you know flood of uh snow and rain uh for california's on through the poorest before right well saying is that we ought to have better management which we shouldn't be sitting there saying oh wow it's climate change we can't do anything about it and we're just going to have to live with our houses in our lives being threatened we hire people in public office to actually device solution taking into account the current condition's right right that's what we want to have an and we frankly don't have it with mr brown saying that this is just some biblical issue in its hall climate change and no amount of any effort we.

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