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The end and and it was funny because a win it by as sought posted it was concerned it was conservatives and and republicans are proposed in this yesterday uh that i saw that were saint see this really does and and that's why all as george tan which are you understand that you're saying that it's okay to increase the deficit in this country by almost twenty percent and you view that is a good thing and you're a republic in this we understand the hypocrisy of the democrats we have said this all along the democrats don't care anything about debt they never have that's all that you're a democrat out there you know that's the truth you know they don't care about dad ever you know that we have been consistent on it if you've been listening to the show whether it is dead from the democrats which democrats have traditionally and we saw during the obama administration we saw the trillion dollars off the bat you know in in the in in stimulus wasted stimulus money that which has thrown down the toilet of your harteren taxpayer dollars democrats didn't care about that at all still don't care about it at all after they did at the american public was in no mood for another one worthy well this this really is is part of the the the bigger scenario over all over the last no eighteen months to two years and that is and we lordy and in 2016 who was crying about the debt or the deficit who was crying about spending no no one there was no call for any of the candidates you know to be fiscal conservatives in fact when trump was on the campaign trail no hate look interest rates are low this is the time to borrow and nobody really got upset at that now nobody looked at that said whoa whoa whoa i may support yana other issues but now that's where you that's where i draw the why would we didn't even get close to that happened that conversation noone said a word really now while i'm a week we did because again and and i will say this i it it it did it too has happened over the last year so in it it will continue that we will be marginalized or guys that really does matter really doesn't matter it doesn't matter it.

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