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I'm just sitting in the host chair number 410 Wcbm, 6 80 or 100 Wcbm six. Get a prediction. You want to encourage people to vote? Whatever it is loosening up the restrictions on the phones today. We start with Tom in Catonsville. Hello, Tom. Good morning. Morning Vote vote. And how long did you vote today? Thursday. And along was a line, then 10 minutes 10 minutes. It was obvious rec center. The poll workers were great in and out. It was like a well old machine. It was great. But The point I want to make his especially now and where we are now did not happen in a year didn't happen in four years. It's taken us 20 years to get to this point where on election day people are worried about Mobs and violence and boarding up stores and things like that, if for any other reason, you need to vote to send a strong message to all those who have been promoting this and if you've been paying attention You know, this is not coming from the trump side. This is coming from the left side with their constant resistance since day one and this anarchy and this is what they're offering you They're offering you your house on fire. So for any reason, other than in any other way, you've got to vote to send them a message to reject everything. And in Maryland, we have a good chance in Baltimore City. You could elect somebody who's not part of the establishment. You have a chance. I hope you do it. District seven. You have a chance. I hope you do it. Was it second District, Dundalk solid. You have a chance. I hope you do it. Just get up. It's a beautiful day. You've been locked in the house for a year. It'll do you good to get out. You know, Well, said Tom. Well said, Thanks for calling. And thanks for voting. It's the norms part. You hear all these Pearl collector's going on. My goodness, I can't believe Donald Trump's tone. It's so horrible. He's really taken our politics down. The real reason our politics have devolved so much. It could be traced back all the way to the Mork hearings where they went after Robert Bork in a very personal, nasty way, but it particularly got really a lot of momentum. During the Bush years. He's not my President Bush, Hitler, Bush, Hitler and the left. The mainstream left ignored it. They didn't renounce it. They didn't denounce it. From that.

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