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Iglesias. My Ma'am Fluffy gave welcome back man was. Follow. Your stories man you're here. You're there. You're everywhere you're you're in Mexico doing shows that were freaking Delahoya. You're over there making a questionable Christmas. Try to stay busy keeps me out of trouble. I was happy about the show coming back. I posted about you right there with the. To kick it off and DOB, congrats on another season and I'm always happy. For your success because I tell everybody I go, he's just as nice down to Earth Guy. He deserves everything. He has so congrats. Thank you. I've already killed my. My my Blanco Tequila guilty on Yahoo. Yet. Okay, I'm have to keep you stock then. Right there man, good stuff. Now Gabe I know obviously you're on the road a lot. Usually because of of touring with stand up comedy and stuff and I've gotten to see a bunch of times. How is it now not being able to travel, and just just with this? Stay at home? Order right here. How how? With that? Dude man I got so bored I started working out. They. Were you working out of my boy? Ten goes boxing boy ricky? I couldn't go over there. Because clearly they closed out the jams, but I I got a gym here. It used to be a coat rack, but not actually use it. I Get I got to treat her. The comes down and works out with me. About four times a week. Good creatives. Feel stronger I get up easier. Things hurt less because. I can see the benefits. Mankind miss being on stage I. Miss Going out there and doing my thing and I'm going on four months now without doing standup and it's. Yeah I'm scared I don't know what's going to happen. Yeah, yeah, I mean I. Just when we thought the end was in sight, then a couple monkey wrenches get thrown I doubt it'll last throughout the whole year, and hopefully so as twenty twenty one..

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