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Twenty seven teacher hopkinson twenty six now mixing getting kinda Here in the. Nfl told hundred rushing yards eight touchdowns top very good team gets down early band running game. He's still their best running back. Still good receiving running olga catches book again. Injuries are concerned. There's law on probably stay nor ham sandwich mixing and austin actor for injuries. He's not a workhorse. Running back the more touches he gets higher percentages to get her last year he couldn't handle the full workload by is a great. Pr running back. I did move them up ahead him a lot lower but i did move them up but again i'm just not taking them pending mahomes. Twenty eight if you can get him. You know ended the second end of the third round. I think it's pretty good. The place form especially got obviously tyreek hill. Kelsey param up with buck. Top tool quarterback Not guaranteed but he's guaranteed to pay the top five barring injuries Definitely nine percent chance. He's going to be atop through quarterback so if you can get them that if that spot it's worth tj hodkinson now this is the big outlier. I have here. I think going twenty picks earlier than his. Adp they're hat. Hopkinson in our town show. I said he would get eight catches thousand yards ten touchdowns that's only five players in the league. Got that last year. I think hopkinson.

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