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Jeff Toobin just by way of wrapping up the one, oh, one part of this before we get into more specific questions. Can you just give us a clear picture of Congress's power to subpoena? Witnesses why that's important and how it's used. Well, it is like a grand jury in the sense that they can force people to show up and testify on pain of contempt. Now. I it's a lot more cumbersome than the grand jury power. It takes votes of the committee to find people in contempt. But it is a way of forcing people to show up, and perhaps more importantly to force government and private actors to surrender documents records that are of interest to the committee. And and you know, I think people have focused a lot on the the the the question of subpoenaing, you know, people affiliated with the White House in many respects. I think the most interesting thing is going. To be the subpoenas to private actors. An congressman Schiff has talked about Deutsche Bank as someone as a company that they are interested in looking into their records and connection to the Trump administration. They are much more likely I think to turn over records in response to subpoenas, and that these private actors, I think may be the most fruitful ground for investigation. Plenty of great questions. We're going to get to in a moment. Let me get to one quick one before we pause congressman Doug emailed, how high on the priority list is Trump's violation of the emoluments clause. I think it is certainly high on the list, but probably for other committees and ours the government oversight reform committee alleged coming so you just played a quote from an and by the way, I think he's exactly right in terms of the judicious. Use of subpoenas will have the primary jurisdiction. I think along with potentially judiciary committee on the issue of emoluments. That is does the president make much. Money from foreign powers as this influencing policy now the Saudi purchase of hotel rooms at the Trump hotel. So I do think that will be a priority. Although it's likely to be a priority for some of the other committees will continue in just a moment with California congressman Adam Schiff, the incoming chair of the house intelligence committee and CNN's chief legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin also a staff writer at the New Yorker, I'm Joshua Johnson. And you're listening to one A from W AMU and NPR. What's unique about the human experience? And what are we all have in common? I'm guy Roz every week on Ted radio hour, we go on a journey to the big ideas, motions and discoveries that fill all of us with wonder find it on NPR one or wherever you get your podcasts. This is one A. I'm Joshua Johnson discussing how congress might investigate President Trump now that Democrats control the house before we continue a quick note to those of you listening in southern California. You can come see us live as part of an event with KP. We'll be talking about the complex relationship between California and the rest of the country from politics to the economy to innovation immigration and more. The event will be at the scoreboard cultural center in LA on Tuesday, January fifteenth for tickets, you can go to KPCC dot org slash person. I know we've only got the two of you for a few more minutes..

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