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Virtual care options are now available. Choose treatment and choose change. California find the right treatment option for you at Choose change. See a dot or g'kar KBC weather tonight mostly clear in the evening and mostly cloudy lows in the mid forties to lower fifties tomorrow sunny highs in the mid sixties to lower seventies. Right now, in downtown L A. It's 73 degrees. Glendale has 76 Irvine has 65 the new KBC comic stories. You want to share a curated for you Fair and honest. Check it out. KBC calm Now, Here's K ABC sports. Why, thank you, Mr Kevin Trip, you know, all is right with the world people. You know that things were really bad when local channel five KT l A doesn't air Jerry Springer. Instead they continue with breaking news like they did yesterday. But no all is well in the world. Jerry Springer's on and the topic today is torn between two genders. Oh, boy, USC you evade today and four right here on K A B C U C L A Is you at 7 30 Clippers beat the Warriors 1.11 Clippers Warriors again tomorrow seven. Lakers Spurs in seven Rams Seahawks wild card game Saturday at one. What's something makes everybody happy. Talk about dogs. Sure, there's a Super Bowl in a couple weeks that I could care less about, but one of them. I'm very excited about is the puppy ball. It's coming back this February 7th. You could see puppy 70 of them from 22 different shelters rolling around and being all cute like Buffy's Bc dependable PROFIT A Lesion Park five South bound before Stadium waste old pickup truck blocking the Middle lane. It's stopped traffic from Los Fearless Boulevard, then eyes the four or five north bound before Sherman Way crash, blocking the carpool and left lane. Traffic is stopped from victory. Hollywood too slow on the 11 south boundary between Vermont.

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