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Don't be the last person on the next train out. Listen the modern finance and get ahead of the future of finance last week. Eliza released her latest music video rumors and unfortunately it is not lindsey lohan cover nor an entire fleetwood mac album. Listen doing you make loving fun. I want to hear it go ahead. It features a very pregnant cardi b. Just like normality is wild tied video dead. Everybody's getting the cardi feature right now surprisingly when you put these two polarizing Women I don't even want to call them. Polarizing these put cardi b. and together people on the internet. Go crazy first of all. What do you even think of the song before. We get into the controversy because the song for me is not giving it isn't giving but it's not remarkable in its mediocrity. I- have found that. The ooh that was some that was like an actual simon cowl type doreen on a panel handling. I actually do mean that as a compliment. Which is to say that i think. With the exception of duleep. The hyper pop girls. I would say. I'm not a fan of wild side. I'm not a fan of rumors. I honestly wasn't even really a fan of wop. It feels like the people music's people in industry talk about this all the time. There is a need not just a desire but actual need to make songs that are going to rate on talk right and so a lot of this music is like reverse engineered to please this like outside economy and when i heard rumors i was just like this is another talk song. It feels like. I can't say that i've ever been a fan of lizards music per se. But i've always been a fan of the way that really stays true to herself. What her sound is just not. My sound rumors does feel like kind of like a diet. Lucien at what she has done in the past but at the same time like nobody else is really wowing me. So i still take like real issue with the ensuing controversy and all of the various phobias that are wrapped up in it. So that's your take dot com. It reminds me of every time. I listened back to hung up by madonna which now has become like elevated to confessions on a dance floors. Maybe her best album. Whatever i listened to it. And i realized this is written for ringtones like ring ring ring on the telephone which they broke. I remember you could buy all these ringtones at the time. And i wonder if in the future will look back in this and be able to just hear the tick tock influence every single time. Because i'm praying. It doesn't last forever this talk era but you never know. It's gone beyond say to. Yes i forgot about ringtone music. I'm on my own right now. It's not even just take talk. Extreme ing in general why. This song is under three minutes. And i know that these songs are getting shorter and shorter so that people keep replaying them on streaming services. But this one is one of the rare ones that literally sounds like it was cut off before it finish. It's building up to a crescendo. At the end you wanna hear the bridge again. You want to hear the chorus again but it just sort of like ends. It's a very weird listening experience. I would describe my relationships zo as sort of the same as yours. Doreen i respect lazaro and honestly liz oh concerts and seeing her at music. Festivals are some of the best fucking experiences of my life because she goes in for a live performance. But i've never been a person who really sort of spins the music outside of hearing it in the club or hearing it at her concert. And so it's just it's just not for me But as a friend told me corny made her rich so let her go ahead and make a song about the rumors and the haters etc. We made a joke about lindsey. Low hand the kind of rumors lindsay though hanner everytime by britney spears i am so obsessed with this like sub sub genre of song by a pop diva. That's like everybody's talking about me and it's throwing me into an existential crisis. But i'm gonna pretend that that doesn't matter to meet right. It's like what. I base my identity on when i was eight years old and so i felt it was like if you're going to open that door right. You're making a song that has been kind of like it's form has been preordained by the exigencies of the internet and the song is about how people talk about you on the internet. I need it to really go to that place. And it didn't and then ironically in some of the really devastating Talk that video that lives. Oh made response to you. Know people sing all these terrible things about her or in cardi b.'s tweets defending her. Then you have like the realness of it You know the song feels like a facsimile of like the true pain that these women go through. And so i thought that was like iran. She's very real shared. It's not real that's it. She's not saying real shit. I mean like as a writer. I am constantly thinking about that think. Fiona apple said about louis c. k. When she had said that at first because she knew him that she expected when the allegations came out That he was gonna do some self reflection and be really honest in his comedy the way that he had been before and then when he wasn't she called him a coward because the only reason to be making art is to examine yourself and really be honest. And i think that's why we been loving recently like younger artists like billy bush or olivia rodriguez. Because they're being honest at such a young age in a way that younger pop stars who grew up with. Weren't sort of able to be. And you'd expect a woman who is so open on the internet combating fat phobia and racism etc to have something more to say than what the lyrics of the song are. The lyrics are very kids bop. They're very inspirational. Sing in the car like it relates to everyone and yet it relates to no one but if you took her tweets and put them over a beat that is what i wanna hear. I wanna hear the real anger. I wanna hear that. She's actually talking about something when she even references when people were dragging her for that juice cleanse that she did during the pandemic. It's referenced in one line and it doesn't really say anything at all in the song. And also the i really hate the live. We're like she gets like black people invented rock and roll unlike okay. Is the school house rock. Okay but i will say you just brought up. Billy bush her..

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