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Of the show. You're the voice listeners. have been waiting for hold up. Hold up he's skittles post. You're a father you have a child. I know she's gone she's going to go. You guys want some cities and ooh braced you. That weird kid smells like Mayonnaise is in their shoe mayonnaise and your shoe no not you corn chips. I've smelled people whose whole and corn chips. That's my free against Kane Collier. Bit about how Fritos smelly feet. Why or because we get corn horns on our toes? It's literally how many corn products need to be on our before we get it. Free does our feet. They're giving US clues. They had a meeting at Frito. Lay there like oh no. They're calling calling the growths on our feet corn bill. Your mind hit it onions onions. How close is it? Fun Means Bundy. Just fucking with us like if you ever get that feeling where you're like if I gave this ship there's a bit here but you don't. That's me every day about everything like just can't I think about sit on it for like five ten minutes and see if anything comes and you'll just work it out. I don't feel like it. You know what I do every day. I don't know if this is interesting but I will now. Now because I'm forty and I've been doing Stanford twenty years. Oh wait rookie. lookie Napoleon dynamite we into yes. It's exciting Napoleon Hort Pete has. Let's be honest because you are black woman. Yes every time Lafond comes on. We're all all like is this okay. Like on behalf of all white people were like okay all well you know I you came. I don't WanNa make you the representative. Here we are but no but I wanNA make you the representative for white people. Because that's so funny to me and and I think that that you're admitting that why people do that like we think. Is this okay. All right this is happening as it's such it's Utah White it's right yes us with wider than British as possible but they've done it wider than the original white. They've done it and it's in Utah. And they're like what if he dates. They were laughing their asses. I've going what if he just regular Sassy right which is just black men. You know default black woman. Right name is La Fonda the funder. It's the stereotype of what everyone thinks is a black like if that Guy Kip. What on Saturday was like her? Name's Lafond like we're GONNA laugh. Of course it's the joke. Is this black woman as the butt of a joke but then when I watch it. I'm like their. They're scanning close to the edge chaplain but they're not following. They're not it felt really to me because like a genuine like I think they like each other and that's why it worked but let me tell you that she's ridiculous than the Uncle Guy. Oh she's like the black woman version of Caracul. Rico Rico. Notice notice football over them mountains you I know that movie in an Hoard Pete four four war hoard hoard. What's that hard Horford hort only the party say forty forty? You want to go to the core. The core the car core core hoard in the core watts who says the watch is this barren run and I discovered execution again. Super blocks I should no it baron Vaughn. I figured out. It is specific to comte in that area. That region of Compton because I was like I was I was saying saying I was like saying like the Party and he was like what are you doing and I was like. You've never heard black. People speak like that. He was like comedy bit. I would just. I sometimes just like how I poured sometime now and I got it from militia. MOESA had a friend on her remember Moshe was played by Brandy. Yes the singer Brandy and on the show. She had a friend named Kim. I think and she was. You want to go to the party. And so that's just how she spoke so I I just started doing it it from that show and if you watch like boys in the hood you'll hear there and he's like every night can't is it's not very night or sure is there to ice cube areas. Nellie it's very southern I watch. We're back to channing. Ice Cube would say. Oh porty forty. Yeah that and that you guys WanNa Porty. Yeah it's kind of funny. It is so scared of somebody and also likes so comical. Yes I would like to go to a party with you. I know buddy. Nobody tap dances on the surface of show business better than Ice Cube Cube. How did he do it? A phenomenal career maintain hardness. Nobody's saying questioning and are we there yet. No you couldn't even beat them in a roaster rat about like you could call that out. Everyone knows everyone knows. He's like he's like. Oh I'm so dorky. But he's actually cool meaning. He owns every facet of his personality. Absolutely he had at the at the core of it and I can't tell how much of it as his face because he's got a great he has a great face but it's also very hard. It's a hard face but it's also a saw face look added again one thing that you're talking about the mental limited ice cube that we're both having like kind of a low fro. I'm I'm picturing Jerry Ice Cube. What's that Oh we'll always have a jerry curl to me? That's that's the boys in the hood but I'm ashamed that easy is Jerry curl girl. Of course I know. They're all very by connick. Cube is mini fro low fro Elo apostrophe real and this is where we're that's GONNA have to agree to disagree. I draw the line Jerry curls because I just watched jump street and he's got the low fro and he's got the low fro in my first experience with him was boys in the hood and his music so and to me that was peak ice cube. Yeah Peak Ice Cube now turned into family man ice cube which is fine fine fine. That's what you do when you get older. You just turn into a family guy and I know but you should you should you. Should which means means can't be easy you live. I'm not trying to be funny. People have big feelings about well passing. He would have probably done the side. Dr Dre did I you have to. I mean Will Smith you could go to Dr Dre House and say. Do you have any fiber. He he has it. You could say you have spiting from the right here. He's got a lot of like domestic shit in his house and if you want absolutely. Hbo Series About Him. Did you wait. What about him? and Jimmy Iovine now. I didn't watch. It was really told me about it. I heard it was good. It was really good but so you see why people are good at being rich. You needed to be read. You need it it to be rich and you're talking about day or Jimmy or both of them motherfuckers. Egging talk about dre. I'm talking about Jimmy. You mentioned that their neighbors on the beach like life. Yeah he can walk out you know and then we're going to have to. They have this like sort of you know people are like first class. It's the first to crash crash that I never heard that this is like a strip of real estate on a beach and Nami comes like you're kind of feel like I don't I don't mean that slow Nice. You almost like you know. If they were to happen they'd have multiple other over shirk and the soon as you see that they have a helicopter. Fueled up successions ready. Oh absolutely and as they fly away. He's told the pilot to play do how people use that off. That's good I do. I do grab yes please. What will if you guys are getting in a helicopter or bird? What are the right? You just do that. My mouth is a gay man that the I love about on I said developed if he was the star of crashing it would be nice. It's so good and people like don't say that I'm just trying to comment some late to replace issue where we could deal with technology. I nobody will not. I had the face dots on old time. In case we ever wanted to reboot at with a different star. That doesn't give you a lot of confidence when you're acting like it's either GonNa be you someone else someone else. But he's the same high Disney both the same same height. Yeah he's a tall. No I thought. How tall are you the door? Six six a door. That's Pete. Isn't that weird. That's tallest your personality. Analogy is tall. Yes no you. Don't come off as tall because normally when I'm next to someone that's then tall yeah. I feel like intimidated. And I'm not saying you're not intimidating but I'm not intimidated. 'cause I know you mean when I meet someone who's an an introduced shorter than me. I'm like Jesus this guy and that's most people that are you so you know what that is and so you you give a very relatable. You're just a very nice approachable by effort. I think it's weird to say this like when you're super tall. One of the reasons you slouch is because you're trying to be like new. Nothing yeah just trying to fit in the REU things why nece- kissel why of all the mini just trying so hard to be regularly. Because I've been since high school. Of course that's insanity. Somebody was going to teach me grammar and I was like I can palm..

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