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And in fact it was the the measurement was just around the same time albert graduated the naval academy. He went to nail academy and he was if not he may have been the first jewish person by the way to go to the naval academy which was part of his whole story there but he graduated. I believe in eighteen seventy three and then he did a lot of this work at university of chicago and it case western and he won the nobel in nineteen seven. He was the first scientist from america to win the nobel prize. Congratulations what a legacy. I even feel more kinship to this building. It's like light words planet. I'm i'm all in and you also asked about other things that we've done so we have a green roof in serve along the perimeter of the terraces. So what does that mean grass. No it's plants. You know different plants that See them you know the usual green roof plants. But they're very pretty and we have beautiful carpet up there and you know we have a very advanced. Hvac system within the restrictions of what you could do to to the bill there now restrictions on on that you know everyone knew that we had to bring this building up to present-day standards especially fire safety ones but we have new systems everywhere. I'm seeing obviously there's a lot of light use. led lights and things like that everywhere Terrific do you have any kind of a food facility here. I realize it's you know in the midst of the pandemic. You might not have a cafe open. We did just sign a lease with immigrant food so that restaurant should open mood. What a great name i love. It's an existing restaurant near the white house. And they'll open their second three inch at planet word in spring. Oh how fabulous and so. It's a perfect alignment of missions of. That's great so in closing. You're saying that we start if you will at the top and work our way down. And what do you want people to leave the planet word with what's your what's your ideal experienced takeaway so interestingly that you start on the third floor and you end on the first floor that's ground level. I want you to go out on the streets of washington and be more empathetic to what you hear around you to be more careful with the words that you yourself use and to be part of a community so is really you know symbolic that you start on the third floor and you exit into our present day.

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