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Org is the author of stealth war how China took over one of America's elites slept of where they just sleeping or where they consciously taking part of the kinds of things that we've just been talking about general well course on some of them are consciously taking apart and then that's that's probably because they were financially rewarded for so there's a lot of you know corporate leaders here the lot of political leaders there's a lot of leaders in academia and really in all walks of life that is really taking advantage of this relationship with the Chinese Communist Party they know how to financially reward people for doing things that they want for getting things that they need and you know it's the it's the same thing you know over and over and over yet so let it was right we will be busy on the road I think the he was in a lot of ways and you know it's up to us now you know not to dwell on the past that actually do something in the future or watch our democracies densely me young lost from out from under us the stock of bill Lou calls in from Butte Montana of the Jim Bohannon show with the Robert Spaulding our guest good evening bill okay yeah I'd like to like I told you straight out like the complete name of your guest book and that currently with long America the leaks were sleeping well the rest of the time I live while America is the least for sleeping with everybody else is really that's the way the world is operated since the days of of the collapse of Rome but get real we get what you heard actual on everything we've gone here Daschle on everything and I don't really see it's going to make any difference the cavs are at all I don't know if you've ever heard of that case okay he had an interesting as an interesting take on all first of all before we go any further who is Doug Casey no yeah there speculator eight analysts down the he does it all in self he's dating either self made multimillionaire only when he's a self made multi millionaire so what does he have to say eight out of eight calls that the American Soviet and what it is is that the federal reserve board will be used as a final kill switch well before we get too far off into the latest theory about the fed the let's just simply note that the first of all we have not got international on everything but I'll grant that internationalism has sometimes become a religion unto itself so comments general Spaulding well you know all day is that you know there are elements of you know how we deal with that are you know allowing Chinese company to have access to our capital markets you know how we allow them to have that the trademark on how we allow them to have access to the you know essentially to get into our country how by the way we have an open internet we allow them access to our internet our data all of those things you know are have been reported it's clear that it's going on and it's something that we have to stop well I will members as we do have access to the internet yes there's access to the internet but it but certainly things which are classified or as a general rule behind some kind of encryption yes of Christian can be hacked and that's a whole separate problem unto itself but are we we putting these things behind it adequate encryption or or what seems to be the problem that's a great question what happened is we designed an internet can be very very open and then we tried to apply security act on that in an internet and it's really been ineffective in so yes they have the ability to take data they take data every single day from all elements of the US and that's why and on page nineteen of the national security strategy that we wrote that we need to build a secure nationwide five G. network for the country well the certainly the Chinese several problems restricting access to the internet and I'm not suggesting that we make it a widespread practice like they do but certain things oughta have restricted access well when you say restricted access you know the in the implication is that we can actually prevent people from accessing data and what we know to be true is that state actors are accessing data every single day they're taking our intellectual property there also taken our government data you know essentially data from everywhere yeah but but but my question was how the Chinese do it the Chinese put restrictions on the use of the internet and as I say I'm not suggesting that we put on restrictions as severe as the Chinese do but certainly on some on some websites I would think so if you're in China and you try to access without being I suppose of elite member of the Communist Party or whatever it takes to to have a restricted access if your Joe will blow Chinese citizen and and and go to the internet there are lots of things you can't go to if the Chinese could restrict such access why can't we well that's exactly right so in an accident that's where we're staying in the national security strategy that not needed to happen unfortunately in our industry we grant our industry the leave to actually designed to kind of internet may want to give us rather we give the classified information I mean if we if they have access to classified information of the government to decide that well the government does have their own systems for data security but in reality a lot of our data is accessed by the the Chinese Communist Party is it it is because this technologically technological fabric that we've created all the way from computing hardware to software to networking has essentially been meet at you know put together for speed resiliency connectivity and at the very end we think of security and well we should rethink that I guess you're absolutely correct the what the Chinese Communist Party figured out was you know you are a new two decades ago with that they needed to protect their internet so you're exactly right they control their internet because they understand the data and the national security imperative for their country they call in their national security in their data security law they called data a critical national resource well and obviously it's a case that is I mean clearly if this country if the if you're right and let's say Joe's shoe lace company we don't particularly care one way or the other who controls their internet their their website for example if your Boeing aircraft we care a lot and have been a Boeing is did being added with their security that we should simply would not let them be in charge of that we could simply save the following restrictions will apply to access to your website you don't like it too bad move to China would that not be possible have we lost contact well let's take a quick break and be.

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