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Hey, I gave out some fake news the world go. I just realized when I talked about the courts are going to rule a sitting president can be indicted. I gave out some fake news. Madam. That's my bad. The courts are going to rule this sitting president. And then later they're going to they're going to rule a president that they like cannot be indicted and then later when a president who's not one of theirs is an office. There. Yes. Yeah. This has been a Republican we've allowed the courts due to this. This is this is as an absolve Trump of anything that's alleged in any of those pleadings. And I urge you to read them for yourself because you're left with one of two very disturbing conclusions. Neither one of them's comforting that either. A Trump was duped by a Griffin and craven opportunist con man that allowed into his inner circle to essentially have huge influence over his own private affairs or be he knew that. And that's exactly why them talking about the Coen sentencing. There's really no other choices there. And since these are the things he's guilty of by his own admission, then you know, this. But but again, there's just like there was with cavenaugh. We we we assume if you're watching and listening to us on a regular basis you can walk and chew gum at the same time. So we were vehemently defending cavenaugh against these charges. Not because we thought he was a good judge because he's not and he won't be in already today. You're learning that because there was a higher principle at stake. Right. So. Trump could very well be guilty of everything that he is being accused of doesn't change the fact that the courts are create have created a banana Republic, and that's why one of the main themes of my new book truth bombs is that Trump is neither the the solution nor the cause of our problems. His emergence has his his arising is symptomatic of it. People turn to strong man, when they saw the courts just undoing election results and disenfranchising them turn to a strong, man. And that's really why the system hates Trump is because they hate shoe. That's that's really why. So I needed to come clean about some fake news there, particularly because I want to talk about some real news right now. And that is. I found a way to finally get Noah. Because he's my son. He has like an allergic reaction to eating vegetables. I've finally found a way to get into eat his vegetables, and it's by drinking them pumpkin spice. No, well, I don't know. I don't know if brickhouse nutrition next fall, we'll come out with field of grains, pumpkin spice edition, wouldn't that? Be cool. No to feel the greens pumpkin spice all things. Yes. Pumpkin spice, all the things. Yes. My only regret is that can spice goes away. This after this time of year, right? But field of greens. I drink it everyday myself as well. It's your it's your serving that you're.

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