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And the evidence is stored on flash drives that cannot be a raised or shredded. And all of this could be very handy for the Democratic Congress that takes office in January. In simpler, times the midterm election of nine days ago would be mostly old news by now. But that election remains current news. And we're still sorting out. What happened? There are a million votes yet to be counted in California alone for Democrats. The news has gotten better with almost every passing day since the polls closed the Blue Wave got bigger as the votes were counted bigger than the shellacking President Obama got in two thousand ten and nearly as big as the congressional turnover after Watergate Democrats who needed Twenty-three seats to get their majority have one thirty six now and could end up with as many as forty new seats in the house. It is their biggest gain since the post Watergate election of seventy four and while Republican control of the Senate grew it grew by just one seat. Democrats lost only one or two seats. They're not the three or four seats. They were expecting to lose. After a close race for Jeff flake Senate seat in Arizona democrat here Ston cinema. Who was trailing on election night? Took the lead as mail-in ballots were counted. And is now Arizona's first female Senator after flipping her district from red to blue. But the house and Senate races are just the tip of the Blue Wave when the dust in those races had settled Democrats at one seven governorships and picked up well over three hundred seats in state legislatures big name, Republican governors Scott Walker and Chris Bach. Got the boot as did the governors of Illinois. Maine, Michigan, Nevada and New Mexico. State legislatures are the lawmaking bodies that in recent Republican control have made it easier to get guns harder to vote and easier to foul the environment with climate changing pollution, Democrats, replacing them can reverse all of those actions and fixed the gerrymandering that's been proven more than once to be about suppressing votes. Democrats. Also, flipped state attorney general seats in Colorado, Michigan and Nevada giving Democrats control of more than half the state AG. Offices in the country, and it's been lawsuits by those attorneys general that have kept Trump in line on immigration and the Affordable Care Act, but election night isn't over as votes are still being counted across the country with some of those racist still painfully close the Georgia. Governor's race remains undecided. As we wait to hear if either Brian camp or Stacy Adams got the fifty percent or more they would need to avoid a runoff election. The court there has Abrahams trailing camp by less than one half a percent. And a federal judge has ordered to delay in the certification of Georgia's election results expressing concern about the state's voter registration system, and Mr. Kemp's handling of provisional ballots Kemp supervised the election in which he's now fighting to be governor in the Florida governor's race. Democrat Andrew gillum is also less than a half percent behind Republican Ron to Santa's Florida law requires a recount in any race that close. So a recount is underway. As is the recount in the too close to call Florida's Senate seat up for grabs in that race. The lead is less than two tenths of a point for Republican. Rick, Scott and democrat incumbent Bill Nelson. If those raises are not settled by three o'clock this afternoon. Florida law demands a recount by hand of the ballots that were over voted or under voted and over voted. Ballot includes at least one race in which the voter chose more than one candidate and under voted ballot is one on which the voter appears to have skipped certain races. Not voting for anyone in that office. Both kinds of sloppy voting are fairly typical especially in places with ballots that are poorly designed Broward County, Florida is one of those places. The disputed Senate race was buried near the bottom of the page underneath a long column of instructions there are at least thirty three thousand over and under votes to be re counted in Florida's Senate and gubernatorial races and well over one hundred thousand. Such ballots three recounted in the race for Florida agriculture Commissioner the hand count..

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