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Facing charges that he's faced I don't know. What's up with, this dude I just noted I'm frustrated because The rules we had in the streets when. I was coming up a long gone and I see things on social media sometime I see. Things, on his internet sometime, that I don't understand and Brandon Johnson is one of those things see. Brandon Johnson is the drug dealer who supplied Demi Lovato with the drug this she Odeen on nights you, almost died how do, I know this did somebody at the party reveal his identity the detail to. People who gave with drugs when she came. To how would, the world know Brandon Johnson's applied Demi Levato to drug that almost killed. Her well because. Branding Johnson did an interview? With TMZ spilling beans are in this case, spilling the pills let's go to teams you put a report police, know what she was taking on to recession Disclose to her that these Nice After martin Mushroom she understood fully It was? Unfortunate what happened Not here to hurt anybody I care for very much when I was. With as she. Was fine The whole time I showed up she was a little drunk She seems by a sweeping Let's let's unpack, this is my, therapy says, listen pack this of course you didn't want anything. Anything to happen to her why would you want something bad to happen to? One of your best customers and why would he say he's? Not here to hurt anybody if you're, providing, someone with hibernated Oxycontin? Oxycodone how you pronounce it Acsi code on oxycodones if? You're, providing someone would oxycodones laced. With hill than yes you are there to hurt. Somebody now I, thought, about this yesterday because I, don't like being a. Hypocrite rappers have, been talking, about selling drugs for years whether in their, music sometimes in, the interviews what's. The difference. Between what the rappers doing, what Brandon Johnson is doing, well I'll tell you the difference the difference is rapidly usually rapping about a. Life they once lived okay life that is? Behind him. Not. Paid the society in most cases you know in the things that. They rapid about now. In most cases it's just entertainment all, right if you are a. Rapper who about all the drugs they sell it a crime they have committed and. You're still doing those crimes then. You sound, just as food is Brandon Johnson did. Okay did we not learn from the GS, nine salute to, bobby's murder, rowdy rebel to us GS nine was just a. Rap group but not to the police the police didn't think that the hot? N word was a song or a dance they thought it? Was a taunt all right police thought, these, guys will committing crimes And didn't bragging about them through music now I don't know if that was the case but I do know music is still entertainment you can, always, chalk it up to just being. Art, but the lines are blurred because hip hop artist to be real but I want you to be real not stupid, done things that can, send you to jail, keep them to yourself all right at the? Time in my life when? I, used to want my gangsta. Rappers they actually do gangsta stuff but now not. So much in, fact, not at all I don't, want your brothers committing. Crimes I want, I don't, want y'all going to jail and damn showed, on what y'all, doing interviews and. Making music. About said crime so once, again the difference between rappers, and Brandon Johnson is Rapids can just say they are wrapping it's all entertainment. Until his night entertainment and when it's not? Entertainment I. Actually. Enjoy seeing people get locked up because smart people learn from their. Own mistakes wise people. Learn from the mistakes of others if, you are dumb enough to. Be on social media showcasing your drug dealing criminal ways if you are stupid enough. To wrap will be doing interviews. About your. Drug dealing criminal wave than you deserve To, go to jail and it brings a sense. Of relief sometimes because it lets me know the rules, of discrete have not changed okay I come from the era of. Staying out the way staying lowest possible, you don't talk on the phone all right you saw, American gangster you don't. Sit front. Row with the fight with the Farrand you saw goodfellas you don't make no, big purchases after lick so, if you do that and. You get, popped that's what. You get and that's what I need. To happen. To Brandon Johnson okay good Brandon Johnson is not a rapper right he's not in the movie all right wasn't no. Beat behind what, he was saying on TMZ wasn't nobody yelling cut after what he said and what world do we live in that a. Drug dealer is getting interviews, by Papa Papa rachi is running down on drug pushes now I feel like I'm not. Doing my job is an American citizen if. I don't turn this man and if you see something, say something right millions of people. Saw Brandon Johnson on TMZ why more people saying something it's not snitching when the person is snitching on himself And the fact that I know he's. A. Drug. Dealer who is telling us he, gave? Demi Lovato to drug that. Almost killed. Her the fact that I know this makes me feel like I'm gonna catch a conspiracy charge so what I would encourage everyone to do is called a local authorities in California LA wherever. This guy is and sitting in this video. We gotta get this type was come off the street because if you are doing interviews about the drugs, you are selling in the crimes you are, committing then you don't respect the game so. Why the hell should the? Game respect you please give Brandon Johnson the biggest hee-haw I am appalled Well thank you for. That donkey today He did it too but hey well if he's arrested by the end of the date and I. Will, have faith in the streets again Because.

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