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Blackfish netted sort of photo demure fail all that madonna is the reference for this kind of theme i think people like i thought fizzle looked absolutely amazing she was wearing this sort of light rosie purposely schiff on thing but she just had a sort of halo in her head and as the halo is popular but i thought is greg she had loaded she didn't she didn't catholic maybe i mean she was doing so much more work than like the kardashian jenness like kim crashing came into gold dress with two crucifixes on chris gem kendall jenner came in like a white pantsuit thing that was just normal but i never expect much from this from them on this they were things that may be look amazing for their bodies and stuff but they don't necessarily lean hard into the concept it's literally does no concept tool behind it i enjoyed his it wasn't the only one with dot kind of hater fetch lana del rey had one lily collins you mentioned she had one blake lively who was wearing like absolutely norma stress hot one my favorite of course riyan addressed fully as the pope yet that was just as a silva glittering pope with like a mitre and everything out seeing credible i loved what greta gerwig was wary would yes this enormous for you minutes non tight thing it will someone onto described it as maria before she gets born children in the sound of music that is what she would i love us out of reference i need every day.

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