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From tucson arizona this is democracy now now scott. Has it feel to be coming out here to be part of water trump for the first time since your trial and over a year it's good to be back out in the desert and just having a presence at here again to be part of that or the work that people are doing this against the law humanitarian-aid. It's never a crime then three months. After the government puts humanitarian activist scott born on trial here in arizona for providing aid to migrants in need we follow him and other volunteers on a water drop deep in the sonoran in desert where their group no more deaths regularly leaves water and food for people making the perilous journey north from the u._s. Mexico border scott dot warren's trial ended with a hung jury but the government will retry him in november. Meanwhile people are continuing to die here and the border lions at least three thousand people perished in arizona alone and the past two decades from nineteen ninety to nineteen ninety nine. There were an average of twelve remains of border-crossers brought to this office each year from two thousand and one through the present. The average is one hundred sixty four. What changed was u._s. Border policing strategies we'll we'll speak with robin reinecke co-founder of colibri center for human rights a nonprofit that identifies the remains of thousands of if migrants that have been found here in the sonoran desert all that and more coming up welcome to democracy now democracy now dot or the warren peace report. I made me goodman and afghanistan. A series of bomb attacks rocked restaurants and other public spaces today in the eastern city of jalalabad injuring at least sixty six people afghanistan is marking the hundredth anniversary of its independence today. Eh the attacks follow saturday's bloody suicide bombing at a wedding in kabul that killed sixty three people wounding around two hundred others. The attack was the deadliest this year in afghanistan. This is the groom from the wedding. I'm assads to one awhile nothing as i've lost. I hope i lost my brother. My friends who came to join my wedding party. The celebration of independent state does not matter to me anymore. I don't care whether the government is going to light up the city its independence night and it said to kid only to the rich people who celebrate it all those killed were laborers and poor people attending the ceremony rich people do not come to participate in poor people's ceremonies. The attack came as the u._s. And taliban are reportedly close to a peace deal after months. It's of talks between the two parties the afghan government however has not been a part of the negotiations afghanistan is due to hold elections next month in hong kong organizers say as many as one point seven million pro democracy protesters took to the streets sunday in the largest demonstration weeks protestors marched in the rain is the popular uprising which started eleven weeks ago showed no sign of slowing down despite chinese soldiers lining lining up on the border with hong kong and threats by local officials to jail protesters for life. No major incidents were reported after weeks of confrontations by police lease and organized gangs in the disputed region of kashmir at least two dozen people were injured and one man killed according to local reports as protest protests took place amidst an ongoing lockdown indian forces reportedly used tear-gas chili grenades and pellets dispersed the demonstrations which came almost two who weeks after india revoked the special status of the indian-controlled part of the muslim-majority region. This is a protester speaking out against the conditions in kashmir in the days of twenty four hours at which they ease the movement restriction for half an hour. I'm worried about my children and my family activists kavita krishnan who recently visited kashmir on a fact-finding mission said the region is under complete siege and even young children are being arrested as an act of intimidation pakistan has asked the u._n. Security council to intervene in the crisis. An iranian oil tanker seized by british authorities in gibraltar. Last month was released sunday. The a ship was released after travolta rejected a u._s. Request to keep detaining the ship which it says in breach sanctions because operated by iran's revolutionary guards art gibraltar said the sanctions however do not apply in the european union. Iran warned the u._s. against seizing the tanker departed from gibraltar. Israeli soldiers killed at least three palestinians in the gaza strip saturday night according to local officials. I'll just a reported. The men were believed to be militants but had acted independently according to a hamas source earlier on saturday israeli launched israel launched air raids on parts of the gaza strip prime minister benjamin netanyahu tanya who said sunday he was prepared to call a wide scale military operation in gaza back in the united states congress members ilhan omar and rashida to leave are set to hold a news conference to address the travel restrictions imposed on them by the israeli government last week. Israel barred to u._s. Congress members from entering during israel to travel to the occupied palestine after president trump took the unprecedented step of publicly urging israel to deny entry to the first two female muslim members of congress house speaker nancy pelosi blasted trump and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu for their quote weakness after the move in a statement to omar cold netanyahu's decision front while congress member to leave justified her decision not to make the the trip after she was granted a waiver to visit her grandmother on humanitarian grounds by posting a quote from anti-apartheid leader and nobel peace <unk> prize winner desmond tutu who said i am not interested in picking up crumbs of compassion thrown from the table of someone who considers himself my master are i want the full menu of rights to leave tweeted. Meanwhile two labs grandmother has spoken out since the news was announced..

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