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Dot com. I'm Mark Williams on talk radio. Eighty WCBS and UW WCBS Weather Channel forecast going to be mostly sunny today. High of fifty two you're gonna love tomorrow just a little glimpse of spring, which is still well over a month away, but was Punxsutawney Phil right sunshine in sixty one tomorrow. Cools down on Wednesday and Thursday card temperatures. Doctor in argued is right now, we have thirty two degrees. Arnold twenty eight degrees. Manchester thirty three. Coming up on the news at seven this morning unhealthy air quality in Baltimore area, stirring up more racial tensions over the weekend. If the governor Northam racist photos were not enough for you, Don lemon and his idiot savant. Chris Cuomo at fake news network have now pronounced and they were talking about this San Francisco Bay area restaurant under the decision to not serve customers and maga- hats. And the Chris Cuomo says that makes sense it's in might be interpreted as I eight black people. Okay. I mean, this is just beyond the pale and this chef at worst hall just outside San Francisco made national headlines, he recently declared his policy on social media described. The mega hats is no different than a swastika white hood or any other symbol of intolerance and hate. And so Cuomo saying how can this may any different than the Baker who refuses to make a gay wedding cake on religious grounds. I wanna fall in the drop of underselling the significance of the trigger of the expression to people. I think the more appropriate analogy to say is if people wearing shirts that say, I hate black people would that be okay to say don't come into my place with that. And I think most people would be like. Yeah. Does that make it? Okay. I think that's the right question. This is a false equivalent. This is dangerous. Don lemon. Of course is the same thing to make America. Great again hat is nothing more than that. It is a slogan of the president put out to return America to which once great standing in the world where we weren't taking it being advantage of and trade deals when we could restore our economy to its greatness we restore our country to its greatness. And that is for all people of all genders of all ethnic backgrounds wasn't selectively just for white people. And this is one of their their living in I think the state of union address tomorrow night, right? I think that every single Republican should Don a maga- hat in the president thinks is about unity. Then let's make it about unity. Everybody should wear mega tomorrow. This is right out of the pages of the democrat playbook. You know, they always go back to the our section under racism and Naven trying desperately since President Trump took the Oval Office. Connect him with racism, the fact that you know, that he didn't come out strong enough in that Charlottesville of killing. That was one thing they keep on bringing up and and and the number of other things the maga- hats now have become symbolic racism. I mean, it's just ludicrous. So yeah, the Republicans are going to have to do stuffing and stand up, but the problem is we have too many rhino Republicans too many never-trumper Republicans to begin with. It's just not the Democrats. You're absolutely right about that. And we've got. When you look at it. Have an app. This is an actual racist event with Virginia governor, and I'd seen by the way in the plaid pants in that photo because we founded another college shot. So that's him in black face in that photo. He admits to doing black faces Michael Jackson in a dance contest and code. But but again during this event while they're talking about actual racism. Here is Sherrod Brown of Ohio going after the president Charlottesville was only a symptom, and and a more public viewing and outing. If you will of the president's us about race. I mean there there there's just no question about that. We know the president doesn't tell the truth frequently. We know he lies frequently and we know of his racial battery racist comments and background. Yeah. Well, he call him a racist on national television yesterday. Here we have Ralph Norfolk who's been caught in black face presents never been caught and black presidents ever been in a photo with anybody win with black face. We had Joe Scarborough say last week he's been in in private conversations meetings and environments, the president never said anything remotely racist. And how about Hillary Clinton, you know, calling sheets bird? Robert Byrd, basically, a trusted mentor of hers you years ago. It's just incredible. It really is. All right. Six fifty coming up next state of the union address coming up at the top of the hour, the border battle continues. And you can sense. The president is all but resigned he's going to have to go another option because he knows he's called Pelosi galore rigid. Yeah. That's what I said rigid with an r. Sean and Frank Maryland's wakeup call before there was a football or baseball team here in Baltimore before. There was Johns Hopkins the bay bridge even Ford mckenry even before Frank Lubar WCBS there was Baltimore equitable insurance..

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