Vedeno, Jane, Director discussed on You Must Remember This - 110: Jane vs 'Barbarella'


In vedeno story french bourgeois men choose maids based on money it's an attack on his country's establish mores but of course vedeno was guilty of living off of jane's money too maybe lock your was a self last rating indictment of a deems own bad behavior in parts but he didn't exactly flatter jane by casting her as a woman who has always had money and sexual power and who loses her grip on reality when she loses both of those things at once on set the deemed tried to capture something of the real jane on film he kept telling her to dial back her performance to just be herself if things got tense onset between director and actress the daem said we made up in bed no matter how many disagreements we had our physical life was for mid dog bit this was another real thing the deemed sought to capture jane's inherit sex appeal lock your i would include jane's first real although extremely tasteful and artfully concealed nude scenes was not something jane was excited about but the deemed convinced her to do it this was an extension of chains sexual performance for husband in their offscreen life and this became a snake devouring its own tail vedeno one to share his personal sex goddess with the world to elevate her into the male fantasy fetish object of the sexual revolution he did not realise the extent to which jane's sexual persona in real life and in their movies was a performance that she created.

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