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The ruling obviously is a major win for trump who was frequently sought to prevent others from reviewing his private financial records. I'm not sure what happens next but you can bet I will ask our first guest and I still got a couple of minutes before it can call him. We're going to speak with an millhauser of of think progress. You know I'm not a big thing progress fan but I do like in mill heiser and I think he's really good at what he does in addition to being a columnist for thing progress progress. He's got a book out his most recent book is called injustices and it's about the Supreme Court so not only do I want to ask him about what happened this morning with us. Emoluments case and to find out what happens next and other words are we able to Congress obviously has standing. Are they going to do anything. This isn't just dead deal for for trump. Now is it because he is guilty of violating the emoluments clause of the constitution so this panel this three judge panel two of them were <hes> Bush appointees and won a trump appointee. Isn't that wonderful how that works ruled against US ruled in favor of trump <hes> but but I I know that that can't be the end of it so we'll ask Ian Ian millhauser about that as well as well the other reason that I have him coming on.

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