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Uh winning the preakness belmont double is uh it's something we haven't seen a lot of i mean the last time it happened was oh five with the fleet alex um you know if national treasure who only has two wins to his credit right now the preakness and then a maiden if he don't if he were to win the belmont he's the leader in the clubhouse for the top three champ and last time i looked bob baffford has won ten eclipse awards for three -year -old champion so i'm sure that's something in the back of his mind he wants to get a championship for this horse and if the horse is doing well yeah it's a mile and a half but bob said that day after the preakness when we were out there talking to him that he thinks that the mile and a half would be right and i um think that it's a no -brainer if the horse is doing well why wouldn't you go to the belmont because you know winning the preakness in the belmont is not too shabby well i absolutely agree but i don't see it happening but uh i think forte is a five -link winner in the belmont if anybody wants to values my opinion just pay your money uh yeah why not run go for championships if you went to two -thirds of the classics you should be champion no it's a great point and he's on his way to the belmont in two weeks we'll see if he's good enough to pull it off and del roman says forte by five all right on friday before the preakness trendy trainer randy morse upset the grade two black eyed susan with tax now that's a horse he claimed last year at churchill downs randy only has 30 or 40 horses in his barn so this was truly a win for the little guy if i landscape of racing is going to make these types of david over goliath wins less frequent in years to come dale would i be right or wrong yeah right or wrong am i right you'll be wrong again you know you think about there's a handful of elites horses out there and then there's hundreds gunning for them and uh the hundreds got a lot better averages than the handful of elites first i off want to say that it's about time that dale has come on the forte bandwagon because that is one of the horses in my stable that we having our little competition with so dale i'm finally glad to see that you've seen the light and you jumped on to the right side of the bandwagon i'll leave that at that but um hey dale's beating you right now in the showdown so we'll get to that yeah but you know i'm i'm kind of agreeing here with dale on this one i did a little research because i'm apt to do um and so far this year there's been a a hunt i believe 157 graded stakes and the names plecher baffert brown cox

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