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You sandro live but at brand new jane are making came was dies but joined straight with the gang gang gang like talking tuck it plug it like a target tuck it like a tux go like a talking talking walk it tuck it negga bucket talk i've got to stay in my song say we've been beefing daba i nice she going let me because we grow i hit a gable back to the city i no i know in a mission in dope light of traffic on his google maps dope brother sister sachi bando may ring a lack amigo travel bela bash the old tommy campbell's we live like sopranos talking like a walking walking tuck it plugging pocket talk bigwig neighborhood it is my pleasure to bring back into the neighborhood j to the ello jennifer how are you amazing thank god and these are amazing times for you right now jennifer jennifer for one you never disappear and then you go into a four gear.

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