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Be Tanic and this will also time with the autism because that's their that same question Because they were accused of being satanic. But I am say tanning in the sense that I do not operate. Within a Christian framework I do not live within a transcendental Christian world or Abraham like world or neither in a transcendental word per se where my Satan would be basically subject to God as its cereal. You know twin. Because in in such a scenario Satan has really no redemptive power at all Satan in a Christian is always of course the ended on God and actually created by exactly exactly but Arima not the real. Say that you describe here are reminding. I mean Steiner described him very clearly and it's I think it's origins are in this in in our newsroom. Which which will talk about I remind is actually considered the good the good God that has been of course vilified yes and so had a reversal of the paradigm. It's also mindset is basically a clash of paradigms it's my sense is essentially. I work in a in a animists. Slush police stick. Let's I called Penn demonic. Because you know it gives more identity to each individual voter. It's a question of systems. So my power is My adversarial power is seen by within a Christian sense because they claim to tell the t of knowledge as the Satan within.

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