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And there are no firm plans for that meeting just yet a nation bids a final farewell to former first lady barbara bush cbs's steve futterman is in houston today the funeral will take place four former presidents will be there along with the two bush presidents will be bill and hillary clinton and barack in the shell obama the current first lady melania trump will represent the white house president trump will not attend the white house says he wanted to avoid any distraction the first president bush greeted mourners from his wheelchair inside the church yesterday shaking hands and thanking people for coming the democratic national committee is sued a string of defendants it says conspired to fix the two thousand sixteen election here cbs's nancy cortes descendants are a who's who of the trump campaign donald trump junior paul manafort and jared kushner along with wikileaks founder julian assange and the russian federation itself dnc chairman tom perez we're seeking justice is sixty six page suit accuses russia and hackers of stealing tens of thousands of documents and emails from the dnc it outlines all the known contacts between russians and the trump campaign and actress from the tv series smallville has pled not guilty to sex trafficking charges in new york he's wcbs tv's jessica layton details in this case are just so sick and twisted prosecutors say allison mack was recruiting women from here in brooklyn to join this socalled empowerment group and upstate new york before turning them into sex slavery faa is ordered emergency ultrasound inspections for engines like one that exploded on a southwest seven thirty seven tuesday engineers will look for microscopic cracks like the one that may have caused a fan blade break.

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