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Today's my birthday. So i'm assuming action for a little bit more happy birthday to you. Happy happy birthday. Thank you bassey. Really a centers. Rome you smack ms the turmoil cake to eat no no got to do what assist the got it dude face smack love you my people in the chat room i love you thank you for the birthday wishes thank you sean thank you thank you barbie you know i love y'all bless you thank you sir thank you honey lobby yeah we show room yeah we do we go usually does stories tomorrow's last day going to take a week off guy i am so looking forward to it i waking up so early early everyday watch no it's going to be we need to break y'all and we appreciate you so far we do right now we're going to show the chat rooms love nutty there yeah yeah talking are wishing misdee- happy birthday. They enjoy miss dean when she called in. Today is national prayer day. Isn't that a look. What look god through wise nash. Newport thank you the godfather solo one who put it in chat room so everybody. I'm gonna pray zoo now for the mini. Apparently your enemy designed pray for your in the mason so anyway anyway all my creepers out there. We say it in in a good loving way. God bless you guys you guys in the lunch pail guys just like the listen to the show we appreciate you. Hate is okay. I'm not praying for you. See not getting press from harvey now to our beloved folks in the chat room. What more can i say you know. Everybody articulates their opinion chat room. And that's what we do here. Each and every day is the morning buzz. We get more than started right if you have a deficit of love or if you're fulfilled what this is the place to be because if you are fulfilled we love and you're in a chat room you know you can share that with someone else. That has a deficit. And that's what we do here. You get your gillet clean. You get a three four one on the show and without these folks in chapman. We wouldn't be able to do this show and i want to say thank you. So much to you or emplo- we're going to do on our chapel and the chat room. Hey chat room bread winner. Bobby let's go. Hey wait a heart's rhythm heart. Set the harsh. Hey heart set hearts. Hey hearts at qual- hey salsa parts of their heart attack in the chat room hearts won't let's go. Hey wait a heart set with heart set. Were down for one. Hey wait a heart set where the heart set way. Too harsh turns apple one. Hey hearts that with heart. Set away the heart. Hey hey deborah leslie. Yes i agree with you. She said hold on. Let me say that Especially announcement you know. We have the june team for a festival. Here in the lavallee at the still stacks. We got thousands of folks coming out to celebrate. We have black vendors out there Musical acts all the politicians in community. It'd be out here in on june. The nineteenth on saturday. You guys are not doing. Come on out and guess what show every morning show featuring away. We'll be from inside the still snacks. So you're come on out and dj. Barbie clone is also involved in this. I'll just go to move our equipment over there for the day. I i don't know how to roman misdee- and everybody else's apart so you guys are not doing nothing. On saturday. june the nineteenth. Come on out to the still stags. We're celebrating juneteenth thousands of folks out there and we're gonna have a listening audience that day as well so if you wanna see us live actually doing the show coming up grab with sour di. Diana border lousy. He said to miss the have sex car instead. I agree that has ever been to a short stay hotel. She yes said she has then the borough. That's probably why she said. How do i put hotel. You went to the paradise wherever that is in your neighborhood. Go with the car girl. And and even my beloved tania saying i was driving through the bronx and it was about to go down and paradise sure we can stopped their rock out and then go back shot and swines more car. What's really know. I'll just say and then you know what's more thrilling. If you stay at the short state and every time i stayed out a dell remember i will lead the short. Stay hotel barbie. 'cause we had a big show on sunday nights and i will leave the short-stay hotel and go right to work with my nasty self. Yeah how was your weekend. Great club in my route. Deliver it with a narrow cleaner. Hotel room is cleaned out these days anyway. Now so well. I don't think the thrill about the short-stay is in if if anyone's ever experienced short-stay when they call when they call you when you stay too long to things happen they call you an indian guy. You gotta get out the room. He says something like that times up. All your coming downstairs and we put some more money on it things. When it's really packed you gotta go if only one experiences so if you're gonna like extend to another four hours while they still want to leave you still pay and there's no can't you mike you on stay. Why like another hour or two. Because his pack people are waiting in the parking lot for you finish cleaning that room of people. It's a lot more man. Short stayed at paradise. That parking lot was backed.

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