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This car wash dot com and save up to seventy percent on a single watch for you can get unlimited monthly watch membership for one low price I feel good I would zips we've got some sunshine today but all is well that begins out that way but not necessarily in that way thunder showers later on a high temperature in the low nineties but a heat index around one hundred five Manson thunder showers this afternoon then for tonight we're looking at a low temperature in the mid seventies with a few showers and then for tomorrow and Saturday highs near ninety but some scattered thunder showers right now seventy five degrees met this morning news time is seven thirty two AM Tim van horn six hundred W. R. E. C. ninety two point one FM the I heart radio app at some headlines for you coming up been Ferguson at seven forty five yeah in the meantime let's take a look at what has occurred on this date in history this is August the eighth twenty nineteen but we we're all the calendar back and look at on this date in history we go back to the nineteenth century on this date in eighteen forty four Brigham Young was chosen as head of the Mormon church following the death of Joseph Smith on this date in eighteen fifty four Smith and Wesson patents metal bullet cartridges on August the eighth in eighteen seventy six Thomas Edison is granted the patent for auto graphic printing so all the big stuff happening on this day on this day to August the eight eighteen ninety eight will Kellogg invents corn flakes yeah they were invented on this date a hundred and twenty one twenty one years ago holy mackerel on August the eighth nineteen sixty excuse me on this date in nineteen sixty read my notes go you know was the number one hit on this day in nineteen sixty it's a bit see teeny Weenie yellow polka dot bikini was number one on the pop charts on this date in nineteen sixty on August the eighth nineteen seventy four US president Richard Nixon announces he will resign at noon the next day on this date in nineteen ninety Pete rose started his five month prison term at Marion Illinois federal prison camp remember he was caught up in some lines and some gambling in service the jail time sure did and then also on this date in nineteen ninety two the US the original excuse me the original U. S. Dream Team when's the basketball gold medal at the Barcelona Olympics one seventeen eighty five over Croatia the team was okay Patrick Ewing Charles Barkley Scotty Pippen Larry Bird Magic Johnson Michael Jordan yeah it's okay I guess if you if you if you really want to watch something on this date in two thousand four John Elway's inducted into the pro football hall of fame and finally on August the eighth two thousand six Sylvester Stallone in and former heavyweight boxing contender Chuck Wegner settled a lawsuit out of court for an undisclosed sum what their claims he was the inspiration for the rocky movies and there you have it on the state August the eighth two thousand nineteen let's talk about some headlines big story right now there is a man on the loose the TB I want this escapee he is wanted not only for escaping from Henning Tennessee but also for the murder of a corrections officer on the way out guy by the name of Curtis Watson is wanted by the TBI they say that to that he killed Deborah Johnson age sixty four who worked for the department of corrections for thirty eight years her body was found facility was locked down in a count was done that Ortiz and had noticed that Watson was missing from his work detail man hunt was initiated TV I was contacted and he is still on the loose if you see him Ken Courtis Watson's a white male five foot eleven if you see him call nine one one or one eight hundred T. B. I find that's problem I guess that would say be safe to say that is our top story also in the news this morning A. F. former manager I haven't been to Dave and buster's here yet but a former manager there is a charge with staff after police say he stole more than one hundred and forty two thousand dollars from Dave and busters is a Christopher Bruno was caught on surveillance stealing money from the safe and the photo booth of Dave and busters the amount of cash they say was done in just about the course of two months wow I'm going to fox thirteen news the guy was the general manager of the Dave and busters in this system manager was the one who busted him Hey guess what your next general manager is going to be the guy that just busted the guy still in over a hundred forty grand yeah all right congratulations.

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