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Welcoming selects sedition of espn fc down thomas stephen nickell allen rhino and craig burley rare madrid through to the champions league final once again but boy were they gifted a place in care bye bye munich the great star for fine as remember it was two one in the first they kimmage after just four minutes made it one nell to the visitors benz amar soon equalised it was then redness era era just after the break that gift advance are his and madrid second comments equalize on the night but of course that wasn't enough point needed a third which they couldn't get a couple of calls in which the business felt they should have have penalties nor the war by the officials so it's real madrid through that third consecutive champions league final rahmatullah then just too shy of the record of the clump set back in the fifties when they reached five consecutive european cup finals it's with hair again we're talking about reality and you look at it they've knocked out they've don't tell your vendors they don't have fine unit we should be sat here telling everyone how great they are i think wouldn't freight's could be in the final no there could be but they haven't been i mean getting their got some great players but the getting some gridlock the catch grit help the officials again i mean just took it cokes there rob lawson levin's off ski salo humble huge mistake from the goal keeper then you've got the huge lacy look the team the hell can he go into that without custom euro i mean unless you end engine not for i don't know because the gaping hole in the middle of the pot that bio munit will take an advantage but they couldn't push that onto the final fund the chances they messed.

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