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In wbz radio in boston a government shutdown is underway and so is the fingerpointing in fact abc's lana zak says everyone is playing the blame gam publicans and democrats speaking from the senate floor as the government officially shutdown seemed to be in agreement that this course of events is regrettable m could have been avoided republican senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said almost everybody on both sides doesn't understand why we ended up here and democratic minority leader chuck schumer said this is no way to run a government but both our finger pointing out the other team even as they say they will continue to negotiate throughout the weekend wanna zak abc news the capital so the million dollar question that many people are asking what's open and what closed during this partial government shutdown while i can tell you the mail is still getting delivered social security checks are also being processed a medicare and medicaid programs are still running veteran's hospitals are operating as well a big difference this time around is that monuments in part of most national parks those will remain open during this shut down airports are still operating but you could run into some delays trains including amtrak are also in business only essential government employees will report to work that means most federal agencies and departments are closed for now the ire as for example is expected to furlough eighty seven percent of its employees locally senator ed markey is blaming president trump for the shutdown you your job in the work of gold wrote her do your job mr president down resolve these issues everyone understands them and then we can have a permanent budget for the rest of this year and permanent protections that are given to the dreamers uh rather than allowing them to continue to live in the tara in a statement congressman jail kennedy says constituents deserve better than a government that is constantly on the brain can he blames republicans because they control the housesenate an presidency new hampshire senators jeanne shaheen and maggie house in both issued a joint statement they remain rather encouraged by the conversations they have had with bipartisan groups of senators and believe an agreement is within reach in other news a wheels are.

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