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Dr Langley taking us on a plan collecting and taxonomy field trip to the great smoky mountains in one of the courses. It was just like, wow, four or five days kind of backpacking through the great smoky mountains wilderness collecting, you know, I don't know whether we but we and the and the, the plan presses, you know, carrying those things with you. It was just it was the most magical thing. So I think that's kind of where this all started. And so then you go through this reevaluation period and you recognize these moments of real interest in and magic as you say, and is it at that moment that you decide to look into plant work plant study, tell us the next step. So the next step reevaluating was. What, what aspect of plants and plant by Allah, G and taxonomy was really meant for me, and I don't know, I guess, I applied for graduate degrees in porta culture and landscape architecture at a number of universities around the country and I landed at North Carolina State university. My major professor was Dr j c Raulston clearly. He is the most influence fluential person in in my life as I think about, you know, met a very tragic on timely death in an car accident. But he was the person who chose to, you know, he he guided me through my graduate work at Carolina state university, which combined horticulture a bit of landscape architecture a bit of forest resources management. So it was a nice combination of. Kind of degrees. I kind of charted, my oh, made up my own degrees along their Bob Hyland is a placement in plant world activist, and advocate from early thoughts that he'd be a country doctor. He's now a nurturing plant person to communities large and small as such. He has been party to many shifts, and changes within the horticultural world, these past decades, from the renaissance of specialty plant nurseries a few times to trending garden design to the innovative changes in making public horticulture more inclusive and relevant in regards to education and audience engagement Bob has been there. We'll be right back after a break to hear more stay with us..

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